God / Jah / Universal Force? Does this exist?

in god •  3 months ago 

Another gave an interesting spark to light me up in an intriguing way!

The question was, and argument was, that this idea of a God / Universal Force / Jah is real, and (I think it was stated) that the only way to salvation is through this universal force; the argument part was, look at all Creation, how could it not be intelligent design, etc etc.

I say this: from all my observation thus far, it seems that elements and forces arrange themselves in a natural order of being / existence. This is just how the laws of nature are. Period. We arose from the natural harmonics of frequency, movement, and evolution of Nature as she rose from the primordial ooze into being; just as the Book Genesis notes.

Nature is very very attuned and specific.

Any and all deity thought and action, thusfar, I have found, are ways to deny and pop out of the awareness of your response ability, and ability to observe.

I think these vortexes exist that allow you to plug-in to them whenever you want, but truly, they are just siphons.

Just like when you are with a large group of people, you literally get raised up; it's an energy vortex.

Just nature.

Now. what is Nature?

Who knows.

Mandy J

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