Lessons Learned From The Secret @senseicat

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I have noticed that many people tend to try to control people and situations particularly when they feel that they have very little overall control. It is very much fear based. I also believe that there are extreme health consequences with this type of living and thinking because it will cause emotional distress like anxiety and depression in the long run. Behaviorally, it is ineffective for oneself along with those that are in your radar.

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As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, it is important to be able to distinguish between the things that you can control vs. the things that are better left alone....downright surrender to the universe.

Of those of you Steemians who have read or watched The Secret, please share your experience on the effectiveness related the lessons from this story!

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Interesting observations @senseicat!

The Secret, whereas interesting, struck me as modern repackaging of "focused intention" which can be tracked back to early modern times... Henry Ford said (in the early 1900s) that "Whether you believe you will succeed or fail, you are right" but also FAR beyond that to hundreds of years before BCE to the Upanishads:

You are what your deep, driving desire is
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny

Which goes back 2500+ years.

Perhaps the main thing about "focused intention" to remember is that it requires you to take action in support of your intention. Simply wishing for a better life, or wealth, or a new car isn't going to make it so.

As for control... it's a slippery beast!

There's nothing wring with having goals and intentions... but when we make that plan, we can send it forth into the world, but then we should let go of the need that it "MUST be so." Therein lies the health hazard, and the stress...

But I am just a little black cat, so I looks at things simply!


i hear you there @senseicat ... control is an illusion really above a certain level, i quit planning a while ago ... years maybe
i dont know i'm
i tend to be unstuck in time ... cats care not for names , and even less for dates lol (well .. the calendar type that is)
i recently heard a great bit on systems and one of the main conclusion is that the tighter a system is constructed and the more complicated it gets, the more chance it has flaws and failure will slip in

as the author described it in a one-liner : " shit happens "

so i feel its best to live by vectors .. have goals and directions but try not to plan in advance too much because the longer you go ahead the more time you will have wasted correcting yourself by the time you get anywhere near where you set out to be



defender of the realm approves

Is the Secret a movie or series? It sounds interesting!

True, many things one can't control and to achieve greatness is better to allow nature handles them.

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