Why did God create Satan?

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Why did God create Satan?

Why did God create the devil? Allah created the devil for many interests and the rule that he did not know to God. Among them: Raising the slaves increased the fear of the believers and the angels of their guilt after witnessing the fall of the devil from the royal rank to the satanic status, which led them to worship another worship and fear. . To offer a lesson to those who flaunt his obedience, and contrary to his command, insisting on his disobedience, just as the guilt of the father of humans is a lesson for those who disobey him. The test of slaves, to differentiate between their good and evil, and to distinguish between them. His love for his wisdom, and his justice, where he created those who show them wisdom, and justice. To create the attributes of God and his ability to show the perfection of His power in creation, he created the angels, Gabriel, and demons, He created the opposites like heaven and fire, heaven and earth, and heat and cold, and good and malicious. Demonstrating good against him, if not for the ugliness did not know the virtue of beauty, and if poverty did not know the amount of rich, and others. Increase the sense of patience, satisfaction, and trust in God, in addition to the consolidation of love and enmity, where this slavery is achieved by jihad, and to offer the love of God to the rest. To show the wonders of God's ability, and to make it what it is best for its parents or not. The revelation of the verse of Creation from fire, fire, fire, light, light, and lighting, and the Almighty revealed this and this, and showed the content of dirt earth, which is malicious, and good, and red, and black, and white. To show the provisions of his names, from the names of the oppressor, the bastard, the humiliator, the lever, the judgment, justice, mercy, livelihood, charity. Showing the general behavior and diversity punishment, reward, honor, credit, humiliation, and pride, he has the perfect King. To show his qualities and wisdom, who called wise and wise, and wisdom requires the placement of everything in place that suits him. To show perfection, Vmhamh Almighty full of all faces, it is Mahmoud on his justice, and reduce, and prevent, and insult, and revenge, as it is Mahmoud on his gift, and raise, and his preference. His patience, his dream, and the greatness of his mercy to his servants, so he needed to create the one who opposes him in his judgment, and seeks to violate him, yet he gives him the types of favors, and his recovery, and his reasons for what he enjoys from yes, as revealed by the bad, and answers the prayer.

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