God Within, The Supernatural, Lucid Dreams

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I wanted to write about some of my supernatural experiences.

I talk about a few in interviews but supernatural things happen to me every day.

I have encouraged each one of you to meditate so you can also access beautiful divine experiences.

I believe all of humanity has the ability to access the divine within, which will speak to them in dreams in visions in emotions and through all.

Here are a few of my recent experiences.


I was deep in meditation yesterday morning.

A seraphim angel which also looked like the great Egyptian Sphinx of pure golden light came to me and merged into my energy field. It’s as if I became one with it.

It had an armour of light and it was a sight to behold.

This experience is letting me know I have the highest angels are helping me with my mission here on earth.

Later last night.
I went back into deep meditation.
I was shown the downfall of many religious leaders for they know not the true divine.

After that.
I was shown I held the light of god source, of the divine within me.
I saw it in the form of a bright rainbow of bouncing light flowing through my body speaking to my cells to my entire being.
This allows me to be one with the divine.
It encouraged me to build this light more and reach higher levels of frequency, so I’m working on this.

It also showed me how people have many entities within them and these are born from their fears from being closed minded from beliefs that drain their souls.

I have a small round thing that pops out of my elbow.
I assumed it’s an implant
It started to send out a frequency and my soul was pulled into a different universe one that looked like a large nebula of purple with silver.

I came back to 3D and decided I had a some great experiences.

Last night my dreams were vivid and seemed real.

My first dream let me know that though people in this world who are aligned to lower consciousness try to hinder me, they do not have the power to do so.
For the souls of the undead, the ghosts of all the beautiful people in this world were guarding me and they were going after those who tried to hinder me.
So they let me know they are standing with me, billions of souls.

I realized that the souls of billions are backing me while I do my work here on earth.

Recently I wrote about an experience I had while praying on the beach during a vacation in Cabo that gave me the sane message.

Here is that experience…

I meditated on the beach with the waves crashing near me.

I prayed for this world I prayed that the divine returns in full force and fills the oceans with its life giving power.
I prayed for the beautiful ocean to heal.
I prayed for the earth that it’s filled with god source energy again.

And above all I prayed for humanity.

I requested that a quickening happens and that humanity awakens to their inner divinity
to the power of god source within them.

As I sat there and prayed and meditated.

I felt hands intertwine with mine, I felt the presence of millions of ghosts, the souls of those who have passed out of this 3D world into the realms of the unseen.
I looked right and left as I have the ability to see ghosts and saw them.
The ghosts of men, woman and children of all ages had intertwined their hands with mine and helped me in my prayers, in my requests to charge this requests.

It was beautiful to see them.
Countless ghosts standing along the beach with me.

Men women and children who all had lives in this world and moved on into the spirit realms.

These souls live in the unseen supporting us and applauding us every time we stand up for what’s right.

Every time we spread compassion healing love and kindness.

Every time we throw away judgements and destructive belief systems and accept one another.

They care about us and about this world.
They want us to heal ourselves and heal this planet.
They are supporting us in this great awakening.

This subject touches my heart deeply.
I feel blessed I can speak interact and see those who have passed from this life.

We have the massive amount of energy from these souls, these ghosts who support us in our mission to awaken this world.

I then had another dream and I was a beggar in that dream I was alone.
This is symbolic of me begging, pleading with people to see the truth of the divine within them. And the alone part is symbolic of me standing in truth alone.

An elderly Chinese lady with golden eyes walked over to me and she called to the masses of people passing me by to bring me bread.
She took the bread and gave it to me.
She represents a gate keeper, a spirit that wants humanity to awaken.

Then she said come, and she led me into a place where a huge locked door was, it had many symbols on it.
This door represents the entrance to the divine within.
She said not many knows the signs of god of the divine.
Look at the codes.
Few ever enter through to the divine.
I have brought many to this door yet few have been able to open it or wanted to.
They would rather go back and live their lives in this closed off world, in a world that’s numb and lost.
Humanity needs this door to open.
It needs to access what’s behind it.
Then she said you have overcome death, you have changed the flow of your energy and risen up.
She said don’t you remember the mysteries that the divine has allowed you to know the answers to?
You who used to teach in the mystery schools of the past.
I decoded the symbolism I and unlocked the door.
She smiled and said you knew you could all along.

The door represents access to the true divine, to the true god source that has been blocked off from humanity until it turns away from its belief systems and theories about god it’s religions and it’s vile actions against each other.

The divine has always been within us.

The more that we go within and access the divine the more it will allow the access to flow into this world.

And its light will illuminate and awaken all.

Blessings from Sarah Adams.