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3 And they took from Moses all the offering that the children of Israel had brought for the work of the sanctuary service, that they might do it. And they kept bringing him a voluntary offering every morning.
4 So much that all the teachers who did all the work of the sanctuary came, each one of the work that he did,
5 TAnd they spoke to Moses, saying: The people bring much more than what is needed for the work that Jehovah has commanded to be done.
6Then Moses commanded to proclaim through the camp, saying, Let no man or woman make more for the offering of the sanctuary. Thus the people were prevented from offering more;
7 For they had abundant material to do all the work, and there was a surplus.

Exodus 36:3-7

Each one gave according to what he had and even more, and abundant material and provision to realize the tabernacle.
Do not deny the Lord anything, give with a happy heart.
Give your neighbor, your family, the orphan, who needs it.

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