Why god doen't help us???

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When god creates us, he create us on his form so the human from that moment wants to be the creator of his world by its own as a baby who wants to walk without the help of his parent so that god give us the free will and the ability and knowledge to draw our life.


But god when he creates the universe, he creates it with rules and the most important one if you do some thing god you will achieve good and if you do some thing bad, that will return on you so dears when we harm our selves by our negative behavior, you should return to your holy book and read it by your own you will find that god ask you to love other and forgive other then you will find all the gifts that you want.

Why some time we find that doing good thing doesn't give result because their is an illusion of time and their is a period between giving and receiving so that you feel some time you make good and receive nothing.

So my friends let us be the builders for positive and healthy universe let us return to our lovely reality.


Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.


Great and unique one keep it up for such a work. Good luck

thank you friend

everybody should help each other

sure my friend especially in upvoting on steemit

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وهذا ما يجعلنا تقترن بصفاته
اذا كانت فيك صفة الكرم مثلا
يقول لك كريم ومن اسماء الله الكريم
ادام الله عطاءكم ودمنا لكم اوفياء

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