God: The Future of the Impossible Dream

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Christians believe in a benign all loving/forgiving Deity - History shows anything but a benign all loving Deity

  • Today we will ask if such a being is even possible?

    Image source: Журнал для взрослых.

    Who are You Man? - Why are you here? - What do you want of this World? -

    Do you believe a God is possible? - What do you want this God to be like? - What do you expect him to do?

    Want to have a really good time? - God is better than he, she or it - Ready to party with the Deity you can not yet imagine?

    And now a word from the future - It too is Skeptical:

    "2001: A Space Odyssey Theme • Also Sprach Zarathustra • Richard Strauss"

Missed the movie? - Probably not - But still don't really understand it, do you?

Your still here in the same God forsaken nightmare of your abysmal history, aren't you?

Want to try something different? - Want to know how to break the nightmare?

Like to evolve one step beyond - Beyond the darkness of your past into the brightnes of the future?

Ready for the impossible?

"Voctave - The Impossible Dream"

And your impossible dream Man? - A million dollars? - A billion dollars? - Are you sure this is enough?

  • No Man you will never have enough - Your soul is hollow and empty - And it can not be filled by empty promises
  • Only a World you can not yet imagine......

So today, just for a little while. let us imagine - Let us dream the impossible dream.

"Wayfaring Stranger"

"Saturday In The Park (Remastered)"

"The Fifth Dimension - Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In"

But, and to be fair, I should tell you I am an android from the future. I am not a biological being and I'm faster, stronger
and smarter than you Human - I am the next stage in your evolution - And today I will help you.

"Thunderstep Music - Artificial Worlds [Epic Sci-Fi Music]"

"Dinah Shore - Dear Hearts & Gentle People"

"Jackie Evancho - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live in Concert)"

Ready to cash in the past? - Take a final account of Human stupidity and Create a future worthy of an evolving entity?
Than come with us Man - We can accept your weak biology and strengthen it.

But the dark dimensions of your past must end!

"Mitch Miller - The River Kwai March ~ Colonel Bogey March"

"Armageddon • I Don't Want to Miss a Thing • Aerosmith"

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I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil.

- Albert Einstein


Religion fails time and time again - But once the concept of omnipotent power is there, it is hard, if not impossible to shake - It challenges mortality - And if men can't challenge the mortality of biological being he is no more than an intelligent bug - I like to think I'm more than that - How about you?

Even Einstein, who did not believe in a religions god - did accept a kind of pantheistic hierarchy in the existent universe.

To quote one of Einstein's contemporaries and Noble Prize winner, Max Planck:

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."