the insanity of religion?

in god •  last year  (edited)

Most, I not all, religions promise the continuation of life, though in an altered form, after the demise of our physical body.

Yet it is preferable to most societies to prolong the suffering of the terminally ill rather than to grant even the option to end their suffering. 

I know of no animal that has expressed any belief in the continuation of life after the demise of their physical body. Yet in most country is it considered a crime to end the suffering of a terminally ill animal. 
If anything, the reverse is true in that in some countries, depending upon the animal, it is considered a crime to allow the suffering to continue. 

There is no logic to any of this.

For me this is yet another example of what is wrong with religion. Religion destroys the ability to apply any form of logical thinking and is why religion should have no part in the process of law. Even though our first laws are said to have come from religion or from some deity.

So the question that I find myself returning to is this.

If our life continues after the demise of our physical body why are we not permitted the choice to end our suffering, when there is no possibility to end  the suffering in any other way, yet it is perfectly acceptable to extend such kindness to animals?

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