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Not a day goes by that there is no news about a forgotten and sourced commodity. In almost all of these news, minorities occur. Few losers meet their owners. So, what are the differences between people who bring what is found and what is forgotten? Consider an education system that raises people of both types and pushes them into life. What logic can this dilemma have? Is what we call education being neglected or is teaching too prominent? We say more, and why are the decades-old institutions built to protect the rights of these people and their so-called valuable representatives taking the side of the tyrants every time, while the oppression is increasing in every field?... These are pathetic, red-blooded, and society-shaking situations.
A few days later, the students who made their grades as a result of the trial exams were applauded in the school garden. In a way, students who struggle with self-sacrifice in academic life, teachers who guide them and parents who support both of them were applauded. So far everything is normal. While this scene has been going on for years, I can't help saying what is still waiting for this youth who graduated and we hope they will set everything right for the future. Despite these academic-minded individuals who took charge in various sectors of business life after graduation, why can't we see that we have increased in quality in almost every field of life, on the contrary, we are experiencing a moral collapse together. There must be a mistake somewhere and it is a very serious mistake.


We make our students love mathematics, make them solve thousands of questions, put them to exams, and pass them through the eye of a needle, perhaps two or three times, as if they were holding a bird with their mouths. In each of these chapters, the subject is at the forefront as "academic". Over time, our students and young people, who have made degrees even in Olympic competitions, manifest themselves. How proud indeed. However, the law, traffic, bazaar-market conversations, entertainment, tourism, trade, transportation and more that surround us in our lives; How, then, are deceptions that are provocative and injure those who are served, that undermine their prestige, inconsistencies in prices, rudeness towards consumers, mind-freezing legal decisions, and more. Isn't the ultimate aim of education and training "to raise good citizens, good people"? Doesn't the word good here also connote quality in a philosophical sense? To rule fairly, to show the necessary value to people, to respect individual boundaries, to tolerate preferences, not to reach out to those who do not have the right, ... is it not about quality? Is it just that I can use all mathematical operations and functions at a high level? So, I guess it wouldn't be wrong to say that this thing, which is revealed without the ethics of mathematics, is only academic success. If we think about this for the natural sciences and the social sciences, we will come to the same place, right?

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