Jacob Rees Mogg ( render unto caeser )

in god •  last year 

Dear Jacob , i do not know you but i have listened and watched you speak on numerous occasions and you speak eloquently and can often put forward good arguments to fit your agenda , however your arguments are completely set to an ideal world , a world which you will never see , a world which will never be or ever arrive , nature will see to that , and nature is more powerful than you can ever imagine , your beloved Conservative party is a fraud Jacob.

You are a firm believer in the catholic church Jacob , it is well documented .


from the above link

" But there are also times when political rulers overstep their authority.  Sometimes, they demand to be worshiped, like Caesar did.  Other times they attack human dignity, violating natural law which demands that innocent human life be respected and that liberty be protected.  These are times when Christians have a duty to insist that while Caesar is owed his due, we won’t stand by and silently watch him step on God’s toes. "

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