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Why did you have to do that??? life would have been more better if you made everything easy worth doing @lordgod

You had reasons for doing that.. I hope you are ok with the kind of life i am living. Wish i could be corrupt..maybe things would have been much more easier for me.


Do you think we all are like Job ? How do want me to sacrifice again before you give me victory. How long do you want my enemies to laugh at me ? Reduce this hilarious drama on earth. Well its your wish @lordgod

And then you just had to have a laugh and give us kidney stones, didn't you?



@lordgod we just need your blessings .
otherwise nothing can be happened without your permission
Bcz you are the Creator .


Yes and even after all of the blessings I’m still going to send you to hell for being born.


yes wherever you want to we accepts

Hmmmm true.

Nothing is really easy around here

The lord bless and the man do the work.

Sounds interesting by the way ;)