2018-01-11 Thursday: DAILY OATS: Letters And Shelton

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Where does God want us to be is the better question as opposed to what we may want to do and to be and more. I could sneak out and come this week. I owe dad more hours for January & I can either finish the 20 hours: 16 to go. And he may pay me for some work next week if we go. I am still trying to decide whether I want to tell dad I am going to Shelton or not. My concern is what Robin may do if she finds out that I'm leaving. I'm concern with anything that dad might demand from me as I try to leave that might be maybe too unfair or something.


2018-01-11 Thursday 1:30 PM CL: DAILY OATS: Letters And Shelton:
Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Mom, you have said dad is more drunk at certain times. Number one time of the year might be December. Dad is less drunk in January it seems. Another bad time for drunk dad might be in the summer or what month were we at the Friend's house in 1997 or so?


When I decide to come to Shelton, I will be maybe be saying goodbye to my home videos in the shed. If I wait long enough, I will be able to see them again maybe. But life is short and we cannot always wait for everything. And what does God want us to do as opposed to what do we want to do is the better question. I may choose to come to Shelton in a week. I may try to get a bank and a phone before coming to Shelton.


Mom, my response to your emails:

  1. Good. I can take photos. I can do a lot of things.
  2. Good. I can help clean out sheds and more.
  3. Food stamps is only temporary. Not a big deal. Would love to visit Karen.
  4. Ok. Learn to drive. Ok......


Yes. I promise to respect Larry. The only people that think I don't respect are drunks. Because I'm always trying to say sorry, thanks, and so on. And mom, I am sorry for anything and everything of my rough edges of whoever I might have been. I'm not totally the same as you may remember me. I am always trying to be less like Trump in the bad ways. In other words, I have found that I do things like Trump for better or for worse. I can be impatient, rude, and stuff. Like a leader, I would want to listen when I think I know what people may say or do and I am always like in a hurry and stuff like a boss and that can be good for a boss but not good maybe if you are not a boss. I know I am guest of Larry and I know how to act as a guest. I know I am not the boss. I told Skip she was not blood. Jim liked that and it was funny. But I would not tell Larry that he is not my dad. I promise to submit. The only fight or problem I have had here with dad was in regards to my videos. That was the only thing. The only thing. My home videos is the only thing I fight about. But when I come to Shelton, that won't be an issue. I promise not to make anything an issue. I promise not to fight about anything. If I have a problem, it is my job to leave that place or anywhere I may be. I understand that.


I could maybe just get up and leave today. Do you think I should not finish my work for dad and just come right now?



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