How to dove tail with the ultimate - and master existence.

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Although thou can attain to transcendental bliss, and although thou can become one with the ultimate , thou can not be said to truly be the ultimate; although thou is part and parcel.

Though thou is not truly The full expresion of the ultimate , or the supreme personality of God, thou can reach for God, and can dove tail with the most high through practice of devotional service to Love aka meditation / appretiation.

we experience that God meets us the rest of the distance in an instant; when we decide to close the gap to the kingdom of god, which is us and which is in us and which is our detiny.

Truly there is no gap to love, but we experiance the illusion of a seperation form the most high spirit; which is all pervading.

we are truly extensions of the most high - extensions of its personality which is lobha for self realization which is love.

As extensions of the most high personality, we are part and parcel of the most high supreme personality of godhead.

however, we are not nessesarily defined to have to live in accordance with Truth , and so out of our god given and taken free will, we can either experience truth or experience illusion.

To the degree we experience know and are truth , we becometh Truth
We becometh light
and we become free form bandage.

To the degree we experiance and create illusion ,
we are held in the bondage of the modes of material nature which is karma, or cause and effect.
which can lead to being held in the bondage of Samsara, which is the cycle of death and rebirth; aka karmic reincarnation.

Every effect in existence is not without a cause,
all causes all but from the first cause which is the cause of all causes and which is the supreme personality of God, or the transcendental, omnipotent, ultimate, all powerful vibrational personality.

When we dove tail with the ultimate - we become as one with the ultimate; and we are met halfway by the most high energy itself.

Although we are not the complete and ultimate personality of the supreme, our becoming as one with it, transforms us into becoming our true nature as it.

When we dove tail with the ultimate; we absorb the traits of the ultimate and become like it.

We are it but not in its ultimate personality ; though we can become one with the one, we are not the one in its full personality; but only aspects or extensions of it.

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