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Wanted to share a simple 7 step process I use in my personal and business life to set & accomplish goals. Believe me, it really helps me be organized and achieve my goals much faster.

  1. Evaluate your situation

I like to begin with assessing my current situation, where I am and what has been working for me lately, what needs improvement etc.

It's like setting the foundation to getting more organized and killing those goals!

  1. Narrowing down on your long & short term goals.

Introspect and decide what you want to achieve in the next 5 years, what all you'd have to do each year to reach that goal.

Then subsequently break it down into quarters and them into months. Obviously I often fail to achieve my monthly goals, but then I sit down again and reassess my targets.

  1. Writing stuff down

Writing stuff down is really important for me, it gives my mind a message that this specific thing is really important and not like any other silly goal.

  1. Breaking it down

I then break down my goals in the form of tasks, I set up tasks which I must do to achieve the monthly goal and try to prioritize the tasks. You won't even realize how fun it becomes to take up tasks as challenges and in the process you end up achieving those goals!

  1. Holding myself accountable

I hold myself accountable for whatever happens. If I fall sick, I AM RESPONSIBLE for not working smarter, if FB algo goes wild, I AM RESPONSIBLE for relying on 1 traffic source only, if competition copies my products too quickly, I AM RESPONSIBLE for relying on only 1 product.

Trust me, this will really help you learn from mistakes instead of running away from them and you won't end up repeating them.

  1. Reward myself

If I don't reward myself, I'd break down in a week. It can be in any form. For me, it's playing a sport every sunday morning or sometimes financially buying something I've been wanting for a while.

  1. Developing systems & habits

Make your daily tasks a part of your system. Just like brushing your teeth or bathing. Testing 2 products every day from 4-6 pm, for example. Or product research everyday, improve these systems, see what's working & what's not and eventually these improved systems will take you to success!

This simple 7 step process helps me crush my goals every single time! What do you do to achieve those goals?