Messi,Neymar and Ronaldo's goal of the world cup!!

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The top goalscorers are the Lionel Messi, the greatest three-time Argentine player in the World Cup, Brazilian Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. The world's limelight will basically be on them. Their country will look towards them for heading. But many of them do not know how these three superhero World Cup appearances.

So let's know how many goals of these three stars in the World Cup:
Argentine Lionel Messi took part in three World Cups Russia will be the World Cup in its fourth World Cup. Germany started its 2006 World Cup with As a replacement for the World Cup, he played in three matches and scored one goal. In the 2010 World Cup, this star played 5 matches but did not get any goals. And in the Brazil World Cup, he scored 4 goals from 7 matches. Messi scored 5 goals in total from 15 matches. Assist has 3.
Brazil's superstar Neymar took part in only one World Cup. Neymar has scored 4 goals from 5 matches in the World Cup held in 2014. There is also as well as an assist.
Cristiano Ronaldo played three World Cups. In Germany World Cup the star played 6 matches and scored 1 goal. The next South Africa World Cup has 1 goals from 4 matches. His last goal in the last World Cup was in Brazil. From the 13 matches, this star has scored three goals and assist 2.

thanks to all...


I never said that. Stop making up lies.

What could have been?

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