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Just recently my wife and I had the chance to take advantage of an opportunity to go on a high-end luxury cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.

We weren’t planning on taking the cruise, but we knew some people that were. As it turned out, one of the couples wasn’t able to attend and they offered us their $10,000 cabin for the bargain price of only $4,000!

We jumped at it.

That’s what not having to answer to ANYONE does for you. We can take a holiday anytime we want and not worry about the cost or timing.

WOW – are we glad we did.

In Juneau, we decided to take a helicopter tour.

I’ve taken helicopters many times, but this trip was something out of this world.

If you ever get to Alaska, you must take one of these tours from Temesco Tour company!

Flying close the rocky cliffs and skimming over the ice fields took my breath away. (our pilot was very experienced, so we weren’t worried)

Then the real fun began, we landed on one the amazing glaciers we were flying over.

Here’s a photo of me standing on it:

158. Alaska Glacier.jpg

We drank the melting ice as the water streamed by and fell into a crevasse, which was several hundred feet deep. You didn’t want to get too close!

After hanging out for about 20 minutes, we took off and landed on an ice field, where the glaciers form. The ice and snow was about 2,500 feet deep I was told and everywhere you looked, as far as you could see, it was just white snow with some rock poking through, here and there.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, I don’t know if Alaska is your “thing” or finding Polar Bears in the north, like we did last year, when we took the whole family and their respective boyfriend and girlfriend on this epic trip.

Or maybe you’d rather drive a Rally Car drive in the Baja desert (which I’ve done) or ride a camel in the middle eastern desert? (yet to do)

But, here’s what you need to recognize…

Whatever it is that you want to, you can.

All it takes is enough money and enough time freedom to do it.

Simple right?

Likely more simple than you think.

Here’s video that can get you started.

No, it’s not a video of me on the glacier, I’ll let you make your own.

This video is more important. It details exactly how you can get started building a HIGHLY-PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS in just a couple of weeks.

This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO if you’ve ever thought of starting an online business!

And when you do, I’ll be there every step of the way to help you fast-track your success to whatever level you choose!

The time is now, so be sure to watch the whole video!




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What a beautiful place,have you gone there by helicopter

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