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Have you ever thought about how much confidence or trust you place in other people every day?
It’s really quite astounding when you delve into it.

When you sit down on your kitchen chair you expect that it will hold you for a time while you eat your meal or enjoy the conversation at the table.

When you drive across a bridge you do so with confidence and expect that bridge to hold you all the way across.
With few exceptions our trust is well placed.

I’m sure if you think about it, you can come up with other areas where you have complete faith in others and run on autopilot in that faith and trust.

So at what point do does this faith get broken?

At what point do you allow yourself to lack in trust of what someone else is saying or doing?

Of course, my two examples were of a physical entity, a chair and a bridge.

The fact they are in front of you and others have crossed that bridge or sat in the chair is proof enough, so you feel your trust is well placed.

But what about when you aren’t sure? How do you trust then?

The way I assess it, depends on the risk involved. If there’s zero risk, I know I can proceed and throw caution to the wind.

If I’m asked to invest 50 or 100 thousand dollars, I’m going to want to be more confident before handing over the cash.

Over the course of the many emails you’ve received from me, I’ve given you the opportunity to join me in the WiFi Lifestyle, learn how to change your habits and be a super achiever or even learn the art and science of copywriting and email marketing.

So I ask myself, as you should too, “why have you not taken me up on my offers?” Some are completely FREE and involve ZERO RISK.

I’m not a carpenter or engineer, so I don’t have a chair or bridge for you that others have driven over.

However, I do have years of successful online experiences. Thousands of people are following my teachings through my books, courses, stage presentations and reports and benefiting as I write this. I have a great deal to share that could change your life IF IT’S SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT?

I guess there’s a possibility that changing your life isn’t what you want. If that’s the case, no problem, you can continue to receive my emails for free.

If you do want to change your life, it starts with a bit of trust. It doesn’t even take any money!

It requires that you decide to trust me with you email address. Oh wait, you already have… What you need to do start the process of change is simple – Grab a copy of my NEW FREE REPORT…

Do it now, so you don’t forget – I fully trust you’ll be glad you did.


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