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You’ll often hear people make claims, quote statistics and generally say “stuff” that we have no way of verifying.

I heard an interesting number the other day.

The person talking was someone I respect and he said that the average number of a failures a person has before they succeed is eighty-seven.

Honestly, I have no way of verifying this number, but it seems like a lot of failures. That isn’t the point of this message.

However, there is one truth about that statistic, which is that most people that succeed have had several trials, tribulations and failures of one sort or another before they succeed.

This is especially true when someone attempts to learn everything on their own or they choose bad mentors.

I’m speaking from experience here, having chosen a bad mentor – twice!

That cost me a great deal of time and money!

Money, you can get back, but not the time.

I will say though that there was value in the mistake of choosing these bad mentors. The experience left me knowing, how to choose the right people.

It also left me wanting to work even harder at providing great value to the people, like you, that I communicate with.
My commitment to myself was and is, to always provide great products, at fair or great prices.

For example: My eight video course on creating Solo Ad marketing is such a great deal. I can tell that the feedback has been great and the people that implement the strategy are making money within weeks of starting.

I’m sure you’ve seen courses advertised $97, $497 - $1,997 and more.

I offer my program to you for ONLY $7!!

Why do I do this?

For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, you can learn a simple way to get started online and it’s an introduction to the bigger picture of the online world.

You can use this one strategy starting this week and never look back. Or, once you’ve started with that strategy, then add additional methods to create even more profit.

The good news is that you don’t need to decide that today.

$7 is all it takes to learn a powerful online business strategy that it time tested and works to create an income stream that could be $11,000 a month or MORE.

If you’ve ever thought about starting an online business, this $7 investment is worth a hundred times the cost or MORE!

There’s NO NEED to have eighty-seven failures before you succeed. I’m here to help you prosper starting today.

Here’s a link to all the details >

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