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I was reading a BBC article the other day and it talked about how the price of vanilla has sored over the last two years.

In fact, the price is so high, it’s affecting ice cream makers. At least those quality ones, who use “real” vanilla to make their delectable treat. And it isn’t just the vanilla flavor that requires the ingredient, there are about forty of them. (or more)

At almost $300 a pound it’s even more expensive than silver.

To make matters worse, about 75% of the world’s vanilla in grown on the island of Madagascar, off of Africa and a cyclone recently destroyed most of the crop.

Just reading a story like this makes me want to jump into the business of growing vanilla, which originates from the orchid and was transplanted from Mexico. There’s actually a couple who moved from the mainland US to Hawaii a few years back and has created an amazing business doing this.

The difficulty though, is that I’m not a gardener or a farmer. That doesn’t mean I can’t learn the art or course. But do I want to?

Once you plant the plants, it will take about four years before you get your first salable crop. That’s a lot of time, tending to the crop, learning the new skill and so on just to wait four years for your first payback.

So while there’s a fantastic opportunity in the vanilla business right now, it’s not something I’ll do. I can’t grow enough in my garden to make it work and the overall investment to get commercially up and running is significant.

However, I do know that if I put some time into building an online business, I can have virtually instant returns, that keep coming and growing, month after month after month!

So where do you start?

There are several opportunities available once you get going. However, when starting out, you’ll likely want some training and a great, high-converting product to sell.

In that vain, instead of growing orchids in the garden, take a look at this FREE training.

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Jump into the Clickfunnels Bootcamp training. Even IF you didn’t promote Clickfunnels, you’ll learn a TON of great ideas for marketing other products as well.

I haven’t found a better, simpler way to get started in the online world.

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