My 2019 Goals and Resolutions

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I hope it's not too late to greet everybody a Happy and Festive New Year.

I have been very busy last few weeks and I was not able to post or update any blog on this platform. There were heavy commissions, events and gathering I went to and yeah, it was tiring yet fun.

It's not new to make a New Years Resolution although more people especially millenials stop doing and listing their own resolutions because of the Ningas Kugon mentality they experienced, there are still numerous of people who are committed to their words.

Here are some of my resolution and goals, and I like to share these with you. If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to comment here :)

1. Make more art

More arts, more arts more arts.
I want to do more artworks, whether traditional or digital but using the materials I have on hand. I want to reduce my expenses on my art materials because they ended up being stored and unused most of the time, so I will just use them this year! I will also share some.


2. Save money for future purposes

I ought to save money for my future house and lot, hopefully making my dream come true on or before I turn 27. It is my highest goal to have my own house at the age of 27. But I have only 2 years left. I hope to save enough for this by doing more commissions and diligence on my work.

3. Make more people smile, especially children

As some of you know, @creativestreet is a running project which advocates to teach and share the knowledge of art among the children especially the less unfortunate ones, this year, I am planning to have at least 7 workshops for them and another exhibit. Creative Street has been supported by many individuals and institution/groups in the Philippines by volunteering, teaching and catering feeding program among the children. Here on Steemit, one of the constant and helpful person is @pennsif of @adollaraday who is also helping other charity groups here on Steemit.

4. Going healthier

It's a struggle for me to be healthy because I (admit) overworked my body beyond its limit that I always end up sick, stressed and over fatigue. I also gained 10 kilograms in just one year. But this year, i want to start by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water. Keeping my 7-8 hours of sleep everyday and having some self pampering or self care. Exercising at least 30 minutes everyday. Well I hope I could do that. I wanted to be inspired, I got many friends who have an active lifestyle.

5.Be Happier

They said that faking a smile will eventually make you real happy. Being happy makes your body healthy too! A happy mind has a healthy body for it has a neurological effect on our system and releases happy enzymes. (correct me if i'm wrong)
I also believe that being happy and joyful is contagious. So let us spread happiness and positive vibes.


6. More time to read

I was a book worm back in my highschool days. It dropped when I stepped on college as I focused more on electronics and some course-related stuff. I got a bed head full of books so I hope I could read these books before 2019 ends.

7.Pray more

Prayer is not the last resort when you are facing a problem. Prayer is not only done and practived because you want to ask for something. Prayer is not only for asking forgiveness.
Prayer is our deepest communication and relation with the Almighty One, the Creator of All, Lord God. We pray because we can. We pray because we are thankful on the visible and non-visible things and moments we have. We pray because we love everyone and we love God. We pray because we want to talk to Him and have a deeper faith and relationship with God. We pray because we are God's children

And that's the summary of my goals and resolution this year. I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous lives

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