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When you think of mass movements in history, what do you think of? (not the rock in the photo)

How many can you come up with? These are ideas, beliefs that generally created change of some sort in our world.

Without getting into the politics of any kind, here are a few.

• Civil Rights Movement
• Occupy Wall Street
• Women’s Movement
• Human Rights Movement

These are just a few of the dozens listed on Wikipedia. I only chose these because the names are well known. However, as you look through the list, there are a ton also that I know I don’t recognize.

But if I were to ask you what is the best strategy for creating BIG online success, would say “create a movement?”

It not, you might like to rethink that.

And the good news is the “your” movement, doesn’t have to be very big to make you a fortune!

One of the simplest strategies for creating such a following is surprising easy. Here it is in three steps.

  1. Find a “hot” market
  2. Ask them what they want
  3. And then, give it to them

Sounds too easy right?

There’s a little more to it because the second part of the equation is that you must also then gain the groups’ “belief.” (trust is another word, but belief is much deeper.)

This might sound a little overwhelming when you’re just starting out and wanting to create a business. However, whether your business is online or off-line, the formula can be the same! Don’t underestimate that…

I’ve given you the basic concept here, but if you want to have the step-by-step strategy to create a movement of people that will buy from your business time and time again, my suggestion is that you do a little reading.

The book I recommend is an easy read, it’s not technical, but the information is so powerful, it’s revolutionary! Or at least it was for me.

There are two books in the “Secrets” series – AND DO NOT CONFUSE these books with that other book “The Secret.”

They are not about the same subject matter.

The good news is that you can get the first book FREE (just S&H) and the other one isn’t expensive.

They are both top of the list when it comes to business reading. I have them both in my desk so I can reference them as well and I’m sure you’ll want to refer to them often as well.

Go here for the short video description of the book and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Don’t miss out, I don’t know if this great offer will last!


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