GMBit Tokens Are Alive!

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GMBit Tokens now on

As you all may well know I am an avid TableTop RPG Gamemaster. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. I want to run games, all the time. Now I have a way to do this and still survive. This is where GMBits come in. I will be running a lot of various Roleplaying Games and now you can reserve your spot. Each token is worth ~$5 USD. There are already several trade pairs available in OpenLedger. But you don't always have to buy them, they will be given out as prizes for contests and various other things.

Pricing Schedule

  • To participate in any game that I am running will cost 1 GMBit per person for 4hrs of play.
  • If the game goes over by more than a little it will cost 1 GMBit per person for each hour after 4.
  • If you want to play a game that is not in the normal rotation, you can pay 5 GMBit to choose what game we play.
  • If you want me to run a game at very unusual hours that will cost an initial 5 GMBit to book the slot, then normal cost from there.
  • GMBits will be given out for exceptional roleplaying and characters going above and beyond their means.
  • You can bribe me, the GM, with tokens for the ability to start with a useful magical or technical item, no weapons or armour though.
  • You can spend 1GMBit to fudge a die roll. How bad do you need to hit this enemy or avoid that critical fumble?
  • Other uses will undoubtedly come up during play and testing of all this.

First Game is Tonight @ 7 PDT / 10 EDT and will be Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Some folks are having trouble with character generation so this first session may include a lot of that and tying everyone's background stories together.

IF WERE A REGULAR PLAYER OF BLACKHACK, you will not need to pay for the first session of Dungeons and Dragons and will be awarded an amount due to your involvement with getting the Whaleshares RPG sessions started.

If you would like to join tonight's game but are not a regular, pick up a couple GMBit and join the fun. If you would like to wait untill Friday or Saturday Late Night to join Shadowrun, it will be a bit more adult in theme.

First Contest

I created this Silver Coin as a placeholder for GMBit. The Grey Fey is a common theme with me as that is also the name of my little publishing company and my logo there. For this contest, create a coin or token or symbol for GMBit and you can win 10 Bits. (Worth approximately $50).

Look forward to seeing a lot of you in game,
Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM

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Hi there, I thought I would enter with a dice inspired design:

Entry #1

The other variations include:

Two Die Logo.png
Two Die

Two Die.png
Two Die No Name
No Name

Finally if you would like to include your fairy in your logo then this next one has it. At the moment I did my best with the low res image you gave in this post but if you chose this design I can make it better.



That last one is gorgeous! Very clean and crisp.


that's really nice ! most of the games I play don't use a traditional dice pair.. but I still really like the 3dimensional inference and design thinking ! bravo @me-shell

Ok, I am going to reward everyone with 10 GMBits. You are all winners and as far as I'm concerned all of them could be official logos. I honestly can not choose. If I have to I may ask a few others to judge.
Please reply to this comment with your BTS username and I'll send the tokens.


Waw thanks. My BTS username is (shared with partner): DUTCH2BTS


That's very generous of you.

No I didn't enter, but I like what you are doing with this token. Will be keeping an eye on future developments! =)


wow. Thanks

BTS Account: cloh-76


nice move @crazygym ! there were some really good ideas in these submissions.. Best of Luck with the GamesTable. (I'm a regular thursday night gamesnight player) with 10 years service

OL = outer-ground

Thanks dude, it was a really nice brief !


Tokens sent to all that I am aware of. Thanks again for participating.

Very cool idea and approach. I would actually get some, if I thought I had the time to play.

And this is my entry number two.

Good luck to everyone!

good game and nice return.

Currently working on one. I hope this works out well for you, man!

I'm VERY confused....
So you will be hosting role playing games? And I don't get how the game will last 4 hours.... That seems exhausting x_x
And Gmbit tokens are what again?


Most games generally run about 4hours. It is not uncommon. More info

Hopefully I got this here in time. But this is the only entry I'm submitting. Hope you like it man. It was a good learning lesson for myself.

GMbit Token.png

Entry #1:

BTS Account: CLOH-76

Entry 2:

BTS Account: CLOH-76

Nice informative article lots of knowledge.

Nice post, thaks for sharing!

entry number three! :)

Thanks for the $$ - Great post. Upvoted and following you.

nice info.... I would actually get some, if I thought I had the time to play.@thecrazygm....this fo u


Great...upvoted and followed you

that's not bad! ;)

Interesting concept @thecrazygm.

Congrats on your 400 followers, thanks for the SBD you sent me :)

Hey GM,

this is my entry to the contest. :)