Global warming and the coming collapsesteemCreated with Sketch.

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I have always believed in global warming. I also believe that human activity in the last number of decades greatly increased global warming and continues to do so. To even be required to state that "I believe" in these things is ridiculous. It shouldn’t be. The scientists have known this and have been shouting it for decades, yet corporations and lobbyists have managed to make it into a fake or controversial subject with the gullible public eating it up. The American "president", Donald Trump, is still in denial that global warming even exists, calling it a Chinese hoax. Then again, does it really matter what Trump thinks, he has shown time and time again that he is not very intelligent and is easily swayed by the last rightwing conspiracy theorist he listened to. Let me stay on topic and save Trump for another blog post.

Global Warming

More and more, reports are coming out from scientists that the insect population is dying around the world, that vast populations of ocean life are dying, that CO2 levels in the atmosphere have reached historically high levels, and that polar ice is melting much faster in the Arctic than is growing in the Antarctic. "Sooner than expected" is a recurring statement in the reports. When I was first looking into global warming, back when Michael Mann introduced his hockey stick graph of rising global temperatures, even I thought that it wasn’t something that I really need to worry about in my lifetime. Now I see that we are living with the consequences already, which will only accelerate and cause major world issues in the coming decades.

The big question is, is there a solution? If there is a solution, is it feasible? Will humanity fight the solution until its end? Changing the name from "global warming" to "climate change" has only given more fuel for the science deniers to mock reality. My suspicion is that humans will need to fundamentally change who they are and what they strive for in life. Capitalism, the grand goal of all developed and developing nations, will most likely need to be re-evaluated and replaced with something sustainable. I would like to hear what your opinions are on this topic.