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25 trillion US$ are missing to achieve zero hunger, stop climate change and reduce inequalities until 2030. To narrow this gap in achieving UN's Global Goals more viable projects, higher engagement of all of us and new funding schemes are needed urgently. 2019-03-07 (5).png

ImpactN tackles this challenge together with a steadily growing community of talents – Steemians and 'not-yet'-Steemians, such as:

Rodrigo and @sinikka, professionals for audiovisuals are working hard on several videos. How about a preview?

Martin – our engaged start-up mentor keeps opening our eyes in how to set up a digital business.

@pennsif has been our guide since we’ve started going down the rabbit hole into Steem ecosystem

Wolfgang and Xav from makesense gave our marketing a push through an ideation workshop.

Apologies to those, we didn't mention this time. Thanks to all of them, the past weeks have been really exciting. We've set up a first prototype, which supported talents from Ghana and Europe to engage in a successful effort to bring fresh water to more than 500 school children and their families. Many have told us, this peer-to-peer interaction has been an exciting new experience in working towards the Global Goals.

Today we are doing the next step. Alex and @vadkuhtin - frontend developers with deep experience in e-commerce - decided to join the team and build the first version of our open-source software. @shredz7, one of our first backers on Steem, joined in without hesitating. This is awesome!

What will they buidl? Two entry points into a world of cocreation will be set up:

Posts on a project idea or an ongoing project looking for support and

Talents’ introductory posts, expressing their interest in engaging.

Exploring these projects and introductory posts will be the straight forward pathway to match talents and projects. Upvotes serve as guidance to good impactful projects. Matchmaking will come later.

As soon as talent pools have formed around projects, cocreation may begin. ImpactN’s discord offers a place for idea exchange and coordination. If funding is appropriate, Steem blockchain holds available the necessary functionalities. On success, project posts will grow into project pages, combining all posts of a project and key data such as the talent pool, social/environmental impact, place of activity and proofs-of-work.

Our goal is to give talents w/ and w/o a Steem account the possibility to be active. Thus, for the backend, we plan to work with two synchronised databases to give everybody read-and write-access and not only those w/ STEEM-account. Furthermore, we plan to work with @shredz7 ’s communities software to supply a neatly arranged place for talents working towards the Global Goals to interact.

How about you being part of the team as well, as backend-developer or as designer? We would be happy to have you with us.

To give you a better idea of what we are heading for, here is a story from real life, which just happened last week within extremely short time. It’s about global talent pools co-creating projects.

Talent-pools within ImpactN are borderless and have online and offline members. Take the fresh water project as an example. School teachers defined the project idea. They set up a budget, identified a drilling company and approached @steemitkidsworld. @Steemitkidsworld entered the online-world and posted about the project on @impactn-projects’ account, a predecessor of what is being built now. A group of friends in Europe read about the project and decided to collect some FIAT-money which was sent to Ghana through a private Steem-account adding to the first donation of @youarehope. Now the project is back to offline, bringing water to 500+ children, while keeping everybody involved in the loop using online media.

This is the way we want to close the gap, creating more viable projects and enhancing engagement, by putting the world at the finger-tips of talents all over the world.

Finally, what does all this mean for STEEM? Establishing such a social network on Steem blockchain will attract large user numbers and impact investors as well. Furthermore, it helps to build a positive image of Steem: till now in the blockchain world there is only a large Etherium community engaged in blockchain4good. As a result, the demand for STEEM will rise, even if some of it will be used for charitable purposes.

You like what ImpactN is doing?

Join the team!
Delegate some Steem Power to @impactn. We'll utilise Steem Power to vote on impact-rich posts and posts describing this journey. Thanks to @jackmiller for providing the delegation tool.
Be a sponsor or investor for the development of ImpactN.
Any other idea? Tell us on Discord


This is excellent @impactn, I believe that this is the path where many people will be reached with tangible benefits for their lives.

Thank a lot for your encouraging words.

Love the grassroots nature of the project. It has long been my feeling that problems are better identified by the community harboring the problem and solutions to the problem should emerge from that community wherever and whenever possible. It seems to conform to The Norms of Decentralization Doctrine. 😎

Delegated 50 SPs to get things started. Hopefully that can be increased going forward.

Thanks a lot. Would you have a link to this Doctrine. Didn't even know it exists, but our practical experience always leads us be in favor of the power of decentralised stuctures.

Would you have a link to this Doctrine.

It's only in my mind at the moment. 😆

Thanks for this wonderful update @impactn.


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Thank you for impacting lives

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