Deep Dive to Glitch Goons (part 1)

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Hello Gamers !

Today we will going some deep stuff on the game and will discover what we need to do. Game now has some quests that you can do daily and unfortunately quests for Android users will only available next week. So keep doing those quests from your web browser !

So what these quests actually and what do we need to know ?

First of all, selling all items is possible in game, common items for example only gives you 1 cash when you try to sell them. There is no way for you to turn those commons to something better like rare,epic.. So its ok to sell them.

Common characters though, something to keep it. At least you need 1 from each and therefore you will be able to finish your quests sometimes. This is actually important , you should think like this. With 1 strong character you wont be able to win every fight, but sometimes when you change your character , you might be able to win those fights that you failed.

Therefore instead of having 1 strong guy, i urge you to have at least 1 more strong character. After getting high level characters you will see , it needs so much points for upgrading and the change will be minimal.

That also means, you want to level up all your items together, cause in the beginning change is much more !

Biggest and most important upgrade is definitely your character, normally items give only either health or attack power. But when you upgrade your character , both will get higher.

Right now we dont know how likely you will have a rare or epic item. But if you have any of them, its better to stick the upgrades on them and save your xp points to again to some valuable items.

Right now all the tactics are pretty hidden to us, so lets talk about what we know so far.

Lets compare some common items.

Usually your common items have similar stats, most of them will give something like 200 defence or 200 resilience. If the number not even 200 on these two, its basically garbage. So this 200 of defence or resilience is the best when you choose to get def or res.
Also sometimes comes a common item with like %1 %2 %3 crit /dodge/regen chances. Obviously higher better, %3 would be the best when you choose to get one of these.

Pretty basic but ,on a common item > 200 def = %3 dodge/crit/regen (%3 is pretty rare on those commons though)

So , lets build a character according to original stats then.

Lets say you have a rare Velorex. ( Resilience 250 %4 crit chance)

Its description > No natural defense, very little strength. But has great speed and agility. Moves and strikes fast.

So in order to survive fights , we have to have some defence. We already lack def , so its important to have some. Our character already states what we are going for. We need as much as possible crit chance and resilience.

Choosing now some common items with this guy, shoudnt be a problem. You want your resilience bigger than your def, and since you have no natural defense, you rather have some def instead of any dodging or regen chances.

Lets imagine two characters differently built, one has 800 def 1200 resilience %5 dodge %5 regen %10 crit. Other one has 1200 def 1200 resilience %1 dodge %1 regen %10 crit. For a character like Velorex, you would build it like the second version here.

Hope this guide helps, we will be diving more to these mechanics in the future.

Just keep experimenting :)

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