Coming Soon: Fresh Out of the Glass Oven

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I made these today while practicing my condensing skills, which is exactly how it sounds, condense a thinner longer tube into a shorter thicker piece, more to come on this as well as photo shoots of these pipes later, stay tuned!

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Who are you exactly? I mean professionally. Also, image was good.

What do you mean, like what do I do? I do a lot of things lol.

Do u also sell them somewhere?

I don't currently have a store set up anywhere but I do sell just about everything I make. I'll be more clear about it in the future but if you ever see a piece you want, contact me for a price! Shipping to the US isn't that expensive especially for a pipe, so I can ship these and have in the past.

Soon I intend to have at least an openbazaar store open, although there's not really anyone on that yet. I'm also looking for simple merchant options for crypto.

That looks difficult we are famous for glass from Leerdam in Holland ! Looking forward to seeing more. Following you love grom holland

Glassblowing is a craft mastered by few for a reason, it takes many hours to achieve a good product.