Steemit Glass Giveaway #2

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Welcome to the 2nd Steemit Glass Giveaway!

I am very excited to be back again with another giveaway, and this time with a LOT more glass product to hand out to the wonderful folks here at Steemit. The first giveaway was quite a success, and I will only need to make a few modifications to this round. Best of luck to those who enter and I do hope you enjoy the glass that we work so hard to make!

So what is being given away?

Glass pipes from @cryptocameo in a box right to your doorstep! Totally free with no strings attached. Please check out my profile to see more of my work. I am trying to post new glass that I have produced, give away product, and blog about other glass artists that I look up to.

I want to Steem up one of these, how do I win a pipe? 

To enter the contest simply leave a comment that says "Count me in for some glass!" and check back on this blog post in 3 days time. User @Desmonid will help me with the selection process, see comments.

Let's take a look at the loot!


•3 day contest with 20 winners. 5 premium pipes will be given away, and 15 regular. 

•5 premium pipes will have "wig-wag" reversals.

•The winners will be announced here(comments) and must email cryptocameo@gmail to claim their prize.

•Good friend and Steemit user "Desmonid" will use a little java program to select winners.

•The giveaway will end on Saturday, the 10th of September at 12pm (UTC-06:00).

•No new accounts, each entry will be evaluated. Account be older than 3 days.

•Must post a comment to enter.

•Will ship out prizes by the following week.

•USA entry only.

•No duplicate entries.

•Cannot win twice.

•18yrs or older, which you agree to upon entry.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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"wig-wag" reversals for further analysis would be nice.


I will do my best to keep it coming!

You might want to set a minimum reputation threshold so that your contest can't be sybil attacked by one person registering many new accounts. Food for thought.

Count me in for some glass btw :)


From rules above.

•No new accounts, each entry will be evaluated. Account be older than 3 days.

Desmonid will help me moderate, he is way more talented with this type of thing than I. We can use very easy tools like to evaluate. We will of course avoid any obvious bots.

Or try out

Cheers, and please let me know if you would like to enter the contest here. :D


I'll be posting a little steemer with the full code of the winner picking program along with an explanation of the code for people that can't just read code :p

Should be ready in a little bit


some hella tight stuff as always brudda!


Stay tuned, got a few more finished blogs inbound


Love your name, nice snag! ;)

Count me in for some glass!

I would count me in for some glass, I'm not from USA but I'm willing to cover the shipping, if I get in and win, they are beautifull.


I will allow this. If you can fulfill the shipping costs I will add you to the drawing. When the winners are posted if you are selected, please email me (in rules above).


Yup, let me know how much the shipping to sweden would be if it's the case.


Cool you are in the drawing, please email me :)

This is an awesome contest with some fantastic pieces. I don't have a use for them, otherwise I'd sign up :D


Same, so shiny, but would not want it to just sit and look pretty.

Count me in for some glass! :)


Yay! Glad you saw this and had some time to hop in. Good luck :D

I am adding two rules while the giveaway is still young!

•I will accept entry anonymously via email - cryptocameo@gmail - for those who do not wish to tie their steemit user name to things cannabis related.
•I will accept any international applications who are willing to cover the shipping in steem dollars or BTC if selected to win a pipe.

Desmonid and I will of course only accept anon-entry from users that give us their real steemit username via email for verifcation.

Attention contestants: you can find a detailed explanation of the code which will run the contest here. :)

Count me in, i'd really like to win one of these!!!!


Best of luck

Count me in for some glass ma dude!


Added you! :)

I'm in Canada, so understand that I can't enter your contest, but just wanted to say that I think your contest is a great idea. I like what I see, so am following you and have upvoted. Thanks for posting your art in glass. :)


You can totally enter if you like, please see the rule changes in the comments above.

Count me in for some glass.
Great idea for a contest guys and nice glass.


Thanks for the kind words, gotcha added ;)

Count me in for some glass

Count me in for some glass!

Count me in for some glass!


You are in the running :)

Nice! Some beautiful glass work! I really like your colour pairing. Thanks for the contest. :)

Hopefully you'll see more of me again soon lol


Added you to the drawing, best of luck :)

Hope to cya around!

Count me in for some glass, they are awesome!

Count me in for some glass!


You are in!

Count me in for some glass.


Thanks for participating, its very exciting how many are entering :)

Count me in for some glass,

Count me in for some glass.

Groovy wig-wag lines!


Appreciate the kind words.

Many have been asking for an online storefront that accepts BTC for glass products. Your wish is my command! I am currently working on an OpenBazaar store and it will be full of product very soon.

Please check out my new online storefront!

Be sure to download OpenBazaar and check it out, long live free trade!

I received my beautiful pipe from @cryptocameo !! You can see it here:


Yay! Hope you enjoy :)