Roman - Gladiator Statue

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I was looking at this Roman Gladiator statue the other day. I was amaze of the price tag.
Can anyone tell me is this good for investment? As in #art value.
I was going to invest in a few.

Thanks everyone for Your Support.

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The statue looks small for a gladiator

Hey otisbrown
Thanks for looking after my little friend here

If you like the Roman ancient culture you need to go in Italy​. I can do your personal tourist guide ;)

I second @zaragast, Italy is amazing. We are in Rome right now and it is simply incredible. I have been posting our adventures each day if you care to check them out.


For value assessment, depends on the metal used as in bronze would be more valuable than iron . Secondly, the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of the piece. Thirdly, the age of the piece of art. The older it is the more valuable. One aspect that does add heft to the price is, if the item has a special history behind it, it terms of the legacy of the earlier owners. All these factors go into assessing the true worth of an object of art. Hope you find these markers useful