No Reason not to Become a Givver

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The Givv ecosystem is comprised of a wide variety of actors, but they can all fit comfortably into two main categories: Givvers and causes.

Givv wants to see blockchain everywhere. That can be accomplished by motivating people to contribute the computing resources of their idle devices to generate micro-earnings — not for themselves, but for the causes they care most deeply about. That’s what a Givver does. And he/she doesn’t need to have a fancy computer setup. A run-of-the-mill PC is exactly what’s needed.

Each Givver may pick one or more causes on the Givv platform: a charity, NGO and disaster relief fund. If you would donate money through GoFundMe or any other crowdfunding platform, why not donate your computing resources for free?

And how does that help the causes? They get rewarded for the computing resources you make available. An individual trying to make money off an average computer set up will hardly make enough for a cup of coffee once a week, but micro-earnings from many Givvers together can accumulate very quickly, becoming important revenue streams for the causes benefiting from them.

Just 2,000 Givvers generating 15–20 cents a day to a cause will add up to around $10,000 a month for that cause. This may be a very significant amount for an independent creator or artist and can scale rapidly to support large charitable organizations with wide public appeal.

The Givv platform also supports temporary causes that require immediate funding, such as disaster relief efforts. Givv believes strongly in the power of people to make a difference are blockchain technology provides a new and effective way to do so.

That, in a nutshell, is the Givv ecosystem. It’s all about sharing resources that are otherwise going to waste and doing so for the right causes as no extra expense to you.

Would you like to help but don’t feel like you can part with your hard-earned cash for disaster relief? Why not off the computing resources you weren’t using anyway? There’s an immense amount of computing power going to waste in the form of idle personal devices. Why not put it to good use?

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