Kindness from minimum wage wokers

in giving •  last year

So a good friend of mine had some serious health issue with his newborn son. He is in management in a restaurant. Obviously he was having financial hardships from it along with all that goes along with a very sick newborn. The workers all chipped in and wanted to remain secret hand me an envelope which had a substantial amount of money to help him. These workers most of which make minimum wage gave what little they had to help. Most have their own hardships. Sometimes it's the people who have the least that give the most.IMG_5026.JPG

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You're right when you say that people that don't have much themselves give the most. This happens everyday across our GREAT NATION called America. It would be nice if everyone had the same heart as these people. They don't do it because they're going to right it off on taxes either.


It was an eye opener. I hope one day I can help each and every one of them.