Giving Back 8 💗 Guessing Game Again! Reply with your number guess and get an UP VOTE! 💗

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That moment when you're asked to Guess the number!


(Ashley again, photo used by permission!)


I know, I need to come up with something NEW!

I've been doing this Guessing Game a lot lately. I have plans for a new game but it might be a while before I can program my bot to do its job. I'm busy with other projects lately.

But I did say I would do this Game once more, at a different hour, for my friends in other time zones. I hope they find this, and enjoy guessing!

How to PLAY This Game!

Guess the Number that the BOT Has chosen.

The Number will be between 1 and 1000.

REPLY to THIS POST ONCE, with your number guess.

Your reply must have a NUMBER in it, for the bot to see your guess.

It must be in your First reply to this post!

Your number reply must have the number of your guess, not the written number.
For example, "5" is the correct way. "Five" is incorrect.

The BOT will reply to your reply and will tell you if your guess is Too Low, Too High, or Correct! Incorrect guesses will still be UP Voted by the BOT at 10%. 👍

PRO TIP! 😉 REFRESH the Page before you guess, and look at what the Bot replied to the other guessers. Look for the Lowest "Too High" and the Highest "Too Low" and pick a number in between them!


Remember, ONE GUESS per person! The bot will only look at your FIRST REPLY so put your number guess in that reply.

The First Correct Guess will get a FULL 100% UP Vote! 👍

The BOT will Stop operating after the Correct Guess. It will no longer reply or vote.



UPDATE at 11:25

It only took 20 Minutes, and we have a WINNER!

Congrats @pjay96 You WIN!!! 😁

The game is Now OVER! Thanks to everyone who played!

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Your guess of 371 is CORRECT!!! Congratulations!!!






I was off by 1 :( Congratulations!

Congrats to the winner.

I'm too late for the game haha. But congrats to the winner :)

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Looking forward to the next one! Have a Happy Friday 😊



Your guess of 375 is too high.


Man I was so close, hahaha



Your guess of 336 is too low.



Your guess of 127 is too low.



Your guess of 450 is too high.



Your guess of 376 is too high.



Your guess of 245 is too low.



Your guess of 351 is too low.



Your guess of 363 is too low.



Your guess of 360 is too low.



Your guess of 446 is too high.



Your guess of 370 is too low.



Your guess of 374 is too high.



Your guess of 300 is too low.



Your guess of 370 is too low.



Your guess of 368 is too low.



Your guess of 373 is too high.



Your guess of 366 is too low.

whether you are a lover of my friends play games. @kenny-crane

OH no!!!! So soon??? Wanna cry!!

good lucky for you

371 is the number

Congratulations to the winner @pjay96

so sad @kenny-crane i am always late :) 422


Me too :( Let's hope we'll have a chance in the future

Oh my G its now over? 😭😭😭

Gteat posts,, verynice girl (y)

It will be 200-300

Maybe i m too late but i still wanna guess
Emmmmmmmm triple nelson 333

Will there be a next one? This is fun but I missed it by 12 days lol!


Not sure yet, but I do plan to do another one!


I hope I can join then. Cheers!

Congratulations on your