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Yesterday I've decided on a name for the project

I started planning the project to help the homeless in Budapest with the name of project Givens, but I knew that this project still needed it's own name to run everything. I love creating names, and I always have to wait until I have that
"aha moment" before I decide on a name. Yesterday was the day that I decided the name is going to be:

The triple H project, which stands for Humanitarian Help for the Homeless.

Why humanitarian? Because it means: a person who seeks to promote human well-being And that's exactly what I hope to do for the homeless, make their lives easier with things, they normally would not have easy access to. Think with them and try to adapt to a person's need when possible. There's not a fixed solution for every person, but along the way, we can learn what we should do differently when offering our help.


What's the status of the project at this point?

The first post was made about two weeks ago, you can find the link above. I've posted an update almost a week ago, which you can find here. As you can read in these posts, a lot of help has been offered, and new ladies offer to help daily. I was quite overwhelmed by this huge amount of kindness in different ways. I made an excel sheet where I collected all the people that offered to help, and in what way they would like to help, but also the contact details of everyone. I tried catching up with everyone the same day, which was actually not possible. So I decided it would maybe be a better idea to have a meeting with a bunch of women to tell them more about my ideas for the project, but also so we can brainstorm together. Yesterday I put a poll in the group to see if (and how many) were interested in a meeting. The response was great, so far 30 ladies are interested to have a meeting.


What else?

Today I'm meeting with a lady that has some experience with managing this kind of projects, and she'll bring donations too. We're going to have a chat with a cup of coffee somewhere in the afternoon. I'm open to ideas of course, and the more people that think with me, the better. Especially at the beginning of the project, this is very helpful. Some are more familiar in Budapest, as they have been living here longer than me.


I would like to have a cool logo for the triple H project

Unfortunately, I'm not in the position to pay for it at the moment, but I thought I could ask and see if someone is willing to design one for the good cause of the project. I know these things can take time, and effort of course, but if I don't ask I will never know if someone is willing to help me out. I have my idea about what I would like for the logo to look like, so if you are willing to do an attempt for me to design the logo, you can contact me on discord @AnoukNox#5753.


Do you wish to support the project by donating?

Of course, donations are very welcome because the hygiene packages also contain items that I need to buy. And I'm still in need for bags or something similar to pack everything in a way that it will be easy to distribute and take with you. Anyone who will support the project will be mentioned in the donation list as soon as the project starts to distribute the first packages.




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Youre such a selfless person <3 Sending positive vibes and all the good juju needed to make your project a huge success!!!


Thank you you're so sweet! I think we can really make it a huge success looking at all the ladies that are willing to help. Had a nice meeting with one of them yesterday, and I'm looking forward to the next :)

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