LADA Giveaway Isn't an April Fool's Joke

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Hi friends!

Were you ever fooled on an April Fool's day? Okay, that's a given. But how many times you considered something factual as untrue because it was told you on April 1?

Well, I can tell you one incident which most of you may relate too.

It was about 15 years back when Google announced that it's going to launch its email service on 1st April, 2004. And everyone signing up will get 1 GB of email storage for free.

Now this was unbelievable in those times of few MBs of storage space in webmail services. 1 GB was unheard of. Almost all of my friends laughed it as some April Fool's joke. None of us expected it to be true. But we all were taken aback when we found that it really launched GMAIL with a GB of free storage!

So here I'm telling you about this LADA 4x4 giveaway by WAVES. This Giveaay too was launched on April 1 and many thought it to be an April Fool's joke.

But it's for real. Have you participated in it or not? What.... you didn't?


No worries, the giveaway deadline is extended to 17th April now. The giveaway itself is called as *WAVES “NO JOKE GIVEAWAY” PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY.

Do not forget to participate in it ...and in case you win a LADA, do remember to give a free joy ride to me 😊

Here is the Tweet regarding LADA Niva Nivaway:


Check the complete Giveaway details with all terms & conditions here

Good luck to you for your LADA!

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