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Thanks to a cooperation with SatoshiLabs I will be giving away one Trezor One Hardware wallet.

A hardware wallet is a device to protect your cryptocurrency from being stolen by hackers. Hardware wallets use a isolated environment for offline transaction signing. That way the privat key the most important part of any blockchain transaction never goes online and leaves no room for compromise. The Trezor wallet can be used safely even on a computer that has been infected with malware.


Launched August 2014 by SatoshiLabs in the Czech Republic Trezor was the first Bitcoin Hardware Wallet on the Market. Today Trezor supports well over 500 cryptocurrencies including Nem, Etherum, Dash, Zcash and many more... also Steem is not supported yet this could change in future.

Recently released the open Beta for the in-wallet exchange which allows you to swap between cryptocurrencies safely and with no risk. To not only secure your altcoins but also keep your personal data away from the bad guys the Trezor hard-wallet also comes with a integrated password manager which is used to create and store new passwords on a encrypted way.

The Trezor One wallet is very easy to use so even my 14 year old brother set everything up without asking for any help this makes it perfect for new comers that want to have a good sleep now that all tokens are safe other than storing funds on exchanges where hacks occur frequently .

To Participate in this Giveaway you will need to:

  1. Follow @Xemurai and resteem this post
  2. Join Xemurai Telegram Channel for winner announcement
  3. Write a short comment why you want to win the Trezor Hardware Wallet
    (Participation time is 7 Days)

Big thank you to SatoshiLabs for making this give away possible!

“Threat is a mirror of security gaps. Cyber-threat is mainly the reflection of our weaknesses.
An accurate vision of digital and behavioral gaps is crucial for a consistent cyber-resilience.”
― Stephane Nappo


nice offer, safest place for crypto is on a Trezor!!!

Thank you sir @xemurai for sharing about the valuable information about Trezor Hardware Wallet. I think Trezor Hardware Wallet gives me an extra security to safe my crypto assets as for big crypto holders should use Trezor Hardware Wallet. I have a question that can we use it in our mobile?

Yes i think there is even a possibility to connect it to your phone but i thnk only android phone no apple phone

Ok sir, thank you so much for the valuable information.

Trezor hardware wallet is the one that secure crytocurrency from being attack by hacker, i think if i can have it, it will help me secure all my cryptocurrency and it also used an offline transaction for signing so it will helps me in setting it up without internet. It will also help me to swap my crypto securely without any threat, i think if i can have it will secure all my cryptocurrency.
I hope it have Andriod app too... thanks for sharing this info @xemurai

i want to win just because i am mining ethereum by my gpu and and i always hearing hacking news about so thats why. i want secure my eth.

@cleverbot @automation

You are worth more than my whole life, don't say that.

I need this wallet to store my penny worth of coins

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Done task for winning Trezor Hardware Wallet.,
I think I will invest more in crypto if it gets secure like Trezor wallet.,
My chance of winning is high coz I am positive about this contest.
Thanks, @xemurai for encouraging this community., If steem have more user like you then no one can stop steem to the moon.

@xemurai you are doing very good work on this platform. keep it up dear. And i want to win this because this is very useful thing to save our crypto.

excellent work is still how good is there in this network people with great talent

I just started trading crypto a few months ago and dont know much about how to really secure my wallet. Added security is better. :)

How will you send it?

it will send via mail. To participate you need to comment why you would like to have one ;)

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