3000 Steem Power Give-Away - Musicoin Special

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Musicoin needs your help to be listed on the KuCoin exchange please help by participating at this Give-Away.
Please note only who follows all steps thru has a chance to participate.

I will be delegating 1500 Steem Power for 1 month to ten lucky participants of the @Xemurai Give-Away #3
First to tenth place will receive 150 Steem Power each. Winners will be chosen by random generator.
Participation period is from July 13 - July 15

To participate you need to:

  1. Follow @Xemurai & Resteem this Post
  2. If you dont already have. Sign up at KuCoin - https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=8rgxgQ
  3. Go to Telegram add @Voting_KuCoin_Bot and follow his instructions
  4. Upload Screenshot in comments as proof (Look at my example in comments)
  • If we Win this contest I will delegate additional 1500 Steem Power to ten more participatens of this contest ( 150 Steem Power Each) -

"Luck is great, but most of life is hard work."
-Iain Duncan Smith

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Good luck! Can U.S. citizens use KuCoin?

Here is the proof

i tried to participate this giveaway i have account with ku coin but for a long time i didnt use the site can i register with another email or i can go by the privies account please help me to try it

Hey sorry i could not answer in time. it worked only with kucoin account

Hello @xemurai i have completed all assignments but i have no message from telegram channel.

Here is my proof.

nice building, ,

Okay I did it

Is this giveaway still on?

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Ok thanks

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Hi @xemurai
I'm new in steemit.how to grow this platform?

you need to be consistent and engaged with the community

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