250 Sent. Congratulations.

How do you catch these so quickly? I'm sure some other people would love to know your secret so they could get a chance to win once in a while.

Surely you have a secret to this, because you are not following me, which means this doesn't even show up on your feed. Interesting.

Sure why wont i, i do upvote your post at times, the fact that i dont comment on your posts dosent mean i dont follow you..though i havent followed you, but i read your post, just followed you now...i guess i have to be more active as your follower, sorry for not been so active...sometimes i get busy and they are also lots of steemians i follow...

I understand my friend. We all get busy sometimes, and some of us don't have as much time to dedicate to the platform. I don't take it personally if you don't have time to visit my blog. I appreciate your response. It is impressive how quick you make these claims! You've been lucky my friend.
Thank you for stopping by, and congratulations on the win!

Thanks boss..i just happen to be checking feeds when i saw the post about it