Answer a simple question for a chance to win an SBI share! [#3]

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Which are your top three films?


Yup, that's all.
It's actually that simple.

The winner from the previous giveaway:

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So, @vimukthi, congrats!


Some Info:

The winner will be picked randomly in 7 days.
(Starting from when this post is posted)
So, there will be one winner for sure!

But, I might like a comment/answer a lot and decide to give to that person an SBI share too. Even if he/she won't be the random winner.

Lastly, the ✔️ emoji means that I have seen and checked your comment.
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Thanks for reading.


Monsters Inc

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My top three films are:
Dead Poets Society
Scent of a Woman

Epic movies watched over and over again:-

  • Original Star Wars
  • Empire Strikes Back
  • Return of the Jedi

Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Rambo I II III

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Okay, you must really like Rambo.


Too hard question. I tend to like a lot of franchises and genres. How about 1 entry per franchise for you to try in no real intended order: Ghost in the Shell(anime version) The Matrix, End of Evangelion (the remade ending for the anime series)



Mine happens to be a mixture of fun, educational and action movie :)

  1. 3 Idiots

  2. Shoalin soccer

  3. Into the badlands

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independance day

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