How to get walmart Free samples

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Are you freebie hunter like me? I am always in search of free items in order to reduce my monthly expenses. As we know there are tons of website who offer free stuff online but do you know that Walmart also provides freebies to their customers. You all must be using Walmart Moneycard to save up to 3% as a cash back reward. But how great it would be to receive free samples from Walmart along with cash back. And you would be surprised to know that samples have a huge category of baby, cosmetics, health, Female hygiene and food.

How to receive Walmart free Samples?

Samples are given by the advertisers who are promoting their products. And there could be a possibility that for some items you need to qualify for free samples. You can't claim all types of samples or specific its all depends on the company and their criteria for qualifying a sample. There are two ways through which you can receive samples.

  1. Request samples from their website

For Walmart free samples updates you need to check their website more frequently. because they don't' have a specific category for freebies as you find with other online stores. And these samples come with limited stock which given on first come first served basis. So if you see any update related to freebies make sure you reach on time else you might end up getting nothing.

Apart from their website you can also connect with them through social media. They also provide free samples, coupons and deals update through their social media accounts. If you subscribe their page you will get the update in your feed.

Information required from customer for Walmart free samples

Full name
Date of Birth
Mailing Address
Email Address
Along with this you also need to be a citizen of US. Delivery may take up to 4 weeks.

  1. Request samples directly from their local Store

Requesting samples through the store is very easy first you need to locate the local store near by your area. And then you need to check which sample offer is currently available to the customers. Follow their link to Walmart store (event page) and enter your zip code to check the offer and local store details. Once you identify the samples for which you are qualified then track the distribution date to collect the samples.

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