Giveaway Free Steem Backed Dollars

in giveaway •  2 years ago 

If only I had some way of knowing who wants free SBD. It's hard to tell hopefully you can get my attention by someway that you think of. Please upvote and resteem Everyone needs to know. So I can give them free SBDScreenshot_20180313-104359.png
And if you are interested in a #Dogecoin lottery please leave a comment below
Screenshot_20180331-003754.png we can all get Rich together guys and gals let's keep the #MinnowSelfHelpProject going and growing.
Thank you all that have participated we are making a difference in the #Steemit world

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Upvote and resteem for this post!


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Please speak with @davemccoy and @amariespeaks. I rarely say no to votes or Resteem either 😂