GIVEAWAY: Sketchbook 📓 [WINNER!]

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How's it going steemians!?

Last week I announced my new steemgig and to celebrate I raffled one of my sketchbooks that I sell in Brazil.

To contest you just needed to comment on the post: 'I want my sketchbook' and today is the day to announce the winner.

But first, I want to thank all the participants. I numbered them and used a website to randomly draw one of the numbers.

Thank you all:

  1. @beckerly
  2. @thecrazygm
  3. @avarice
  4. @fleur
  5. @mikej
  6. @sumsum
  7. @steemitqa
  8. @experiencia626
  9. @cosmictriage
  10. @aleinah
  11. @thatsweeneyguy
  12. @abysvora
  13. @iddm1dm
  14. @kingkinslow
Special thanks to @steemgigs, who give great support to me and other users who make steemgigs.

🏅🏅 6. @sumsum🏅🏅

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 14.35.14.png

@sumsum you can DM me via and send the address that you want to receive the sketchbook. Thanks for your kind comment and congratulations!

The one chosen was The Tale Of The Wolf And The Moon, right?

Again, thank you to all and long life to Steemit.
My best,
Tim Balabuch,
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast

Articles about the cryptocurrency world, take a look:
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Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin Unlimited: Two different currencies?

I have a steemgig:
STEEMGIG: Animated Follow banner for Steemit! Just 1SBD

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Congrats @sumsum, that's some top-tier swag you've snatched up there!

Gonna see about hopefully buying one of these babies myself, after I get my custom footer situation straightened out...