The Largest Bitcoin Faucet Is Hosting Lamborghini Huracan Giveaway

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The largest Bitcoin faucet with over 19 million users, freebitcoin is currently running a Provably Fair ticket raffle giveaway giving the winner a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 or $200,000 in bitcoins. This is the first time a Bitcoin faucet has ever given away a Lamborghini.

For those who don't know what a bitcoin faucet is, it's a free service where users get to claim small amounts of bitcoin every hour. As stated on the website, every user has the chance to win up to $200 every thing me they claim their free Bitcoin.

As for the raffle, there are two different methods for entering, the first is buying "Golden Tickets" at the cost of .00025 BTC ($1.50) or by wagering Bitcoin in their Multiply BTC Game which is essentially a simple Hi-Lo Dice. As of today, there is just over 179 days until the raffle is drawn so you have plenty of time to get your tickets. If the winner ends up being in the United States then the car will be delivered to their home free of charge however if the winner is overseas they will have to pay the costs for shipping it to their residence. Once again, there is always the option to opt for the $200,000 cash instead of the Lamborghini.

The results will be drawn live and can be seen on there Twitter Feed

There are also some other great features on the freebitcoin website like the recently added "betting" game where users can bet on different events. The most recent is the Game of Thrones events where users can bet on who they think will win the Iron Throne at the end of the season among others. You can also bet on the NBA playoffs and more.

This is a huge giveaway for the Bitcoin faucet Freebitcoin to host and will be very exciting as the clock counts down to the raffle drawing.

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Love this faucet, best one for sure. Come on lamborghini

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