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This was a very hard contest to judge

There were so many wonderful entries. But I had to pick one to win. I want to thank everyone who entered. I loved seeing all your snaps of your cherished moments. The community is what makes steemit so great. Without further delay let me get to the winner. is the winner

After much consideration I decided on as the winner as his story touched something deep inside of me. A story of being a surivior. Here is his entry.

Screenshot_2018-02-28-14-57-28.png has won the luggage tag and $10 sbd



This was so hard to judge

Everyone had such good entries some were just as touching as so it made this really really hard. A couple of other entries touched me in my heart strings and though I do not have additional sbd to give out I do have something for @girlbeforemirror and @derangedvisions

15198524785641044339390.jpg @girlbeforemirror and @derangedvisions please message me on your mailing address so I may ship out your prize. You have 30 days to claim or someone else will be choosen in your place. your $10 sbd is in your wallet.


If you did not win something in this contest

Do not fret I have a give away going on too right now you can enter here


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I think you made a great choice on the winner. your parents are great people and it is nice to be able to view them as heroes to you. The picture of you at your old home is a great reminder of how far you have come as a family together. I wish you all the best.

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the kind reward and I look forward to upvoting your posts in the future! BIG KISS!

Congrats to hopefully he can use it during some travels! :D

Nice result..

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