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Congrats to....


@best-pomchi-ever You win

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Thanks to everyone who entered, your comments mean a lot to me!


I will be giving away 5 SBD to a lucky commenter on this post!

Just comment what post's of mine is your favorite :
And i will choose a winner in 3 day's from this post.

Required to be in the giveaway : up-vote and comment what post's of mine is your favorite.

Not required, but appreciated, re-steem and let your followers know about giveaway and follow me for future post's and contests/giveaways! @surprisebit

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"3 Successful Tips" For New Steemit User's was my favorite post :)

Thanks to you, I just learned 2 new great sites to utilize, and how to make a header look amazing. Keep it up, awesome work 👍!
(Some Of My Personal Favorite 80's Music!)

I love the 80's that is my favorite decade! Best stories, best movies, and of course best music! That is why I picked that post!
*Followed and Resteemed!


The 80's is the best ;)


I totally agree with you! ;)

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I know this was a simpler post of yours but the meaning of this post is of utmost value. Returning to the steemit community is so important!

The Last Sage


Thanks for the submission. I love that post too.

Just found you in the new post tab. Id have to say my favorite post is the one I just upped and commented on lol. "3 Successful Tips" For New Steemit User's

Netflix is killing it..great use of graphics and information to keep readers interested


Thanks. I think the graphics do really help!

This one was very helpful to me, and I power everything up now

This --->

Much useful information for the newcomer and as you know that's what I am all about


Thanks for the reply :)

Bob Ross all the way. He's been an inspiration for me since the 90's, I used to watch his shows every weekend. Was very saddened by his passing away, but I find comfort knowning that he still got fans, including me and you.

Hey, @surprisebit! My favorite post is Another World.

On that note, check out Feng Zhu's tutorials. This website has a lot of really great video tutorials on how to do super nice and quick environments like that.

He talks a lot about composition and how to design a scene etc.



Thanks for the info!

All of the 12th doctor GIFs, even they remind me that he's leaving 😭

I liked 'To Be More Happy Requires... Just One Thing.' best! I guess because I work as a psychologist, haha. Keep up the good work :)


Thanks you. It mean a lot!


Thank you so much for the reward! :) Keep up the high quality content! ^^

nice job, great going!

I'm the winner of the "I'm not going to upvote you 🐋 Do it yourself! #9 Contest"
Just gave a whale vote courtesy @htooms's for your efforts (Check out his blog)! thanks and keep up the great work @jznsamuel!


Thanks! :D

Hope I am not late? am I? But just incase, I followed you to join to your future contests hehe.

ANyway heres my favorite post of yours:

I like your story. I am also a Youtube follower of @trevonjb , but my story how I found Steemit is different.




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