Success For All Giveaway - #3 : More Than 100% Payout With A twist - Participate And Build Your Empire On Autopilot

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All the proceeds from this post will be distributed equally among all those who:

  1. Follow me (if you have not done it so far)

  2. Upvote this post

  3. Resteem this post

  4. Post a comment in this post

To be fair to all participants, all the above 4 conditions must be fulfilled to qualify for payout. I see some participants only upvoting and not doing the other tasks.

How do you get paid more than 100%?

That is why I said "with a twist".

50% of the proceeds from this post will be paid out after 7 days. The rest will be reinvested and profits from it will be paid out again with a twist. 50% of the profits from your investment will be paid out to you until your initial reinvestment produces 250% at which point you will paid your initial investment. This is how you will be paid more than 100%.

Example: Your share is SBD 2 from this post. You will be paid SBD 1 after 7 days and the rest SBD 1 will be reinvested. If the profit from your reinvestment is SBD 1.80. You will be paid 50% (SBD 0.90). Now your investment balance is SBD 1.90. Later your investment made another profit of SBD 1.50 and you will be paid SBD 0.75. Now your investment balance is SBD 2.65 which is more than 250% and you will be paid your initial reinvestment of SBD 1.

You got paid SBD 1.00 after 7 days
1st Profit 0.90
2nd Profit 0.75
Return of investment 1.00
Total 3.65

Instead of SBD 2, you are getting paid SBD 3.65.

How is your financial empire built on autopilot?

Have you noticed there is a balance SBD 1.65 left in your reinvestment account. This is your first foundation stone of your financial empire built on autopilot producing 100% passive income month after month, year after year.

As you take part in more and more Success For All giveaways your investment balance will grow automatically.

Welcome to financial freedom. Success Is Our Birthright.

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What an incredible post! Thank you for sharing and putting together a very unique and blessed post. I am following, have upvoted the post and resteemed the post for others to be blessed by and for greater visibility. Thanks again, Stay Strong, Press On and Charge the Hill, Passionate about Dreams and Passionate about your Dreams.

Interesting, I'll try and see what happens

upvoted, resteemed, followed, thanks!