Steemit 0.1 BTC Giveaway!

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100k mBTC / 0.01 BTC Giveaway!

Hello everyone, I've won quite a bit the past few days on Bustabit (bad habbit)
I've decided to give away some of my profits, and give back to the Steemit community!
I'll be giving away 0.1 BTC.


Address : 1sTeEMDAvK6k4DrSxuPRfbnGK2y9wCNML

How to enter :

  • Upvote (1 Entry)
  • Resteem ( 1 Entry)
  • Comment below (1 Entry)

Winner will be announced 6/30/2017 | 4:00 PM CST

Good luck to all!


I'm in :)

Congratulations :)

Count me in.

I in ))) +. GOOD LUCK ALL!

All 3 done. Good luck next time. It look fun. Need to check minimal deposit

Well you are definitely a generous individual and the world needs so many of those these days. I like to believe that I am the same. If I win this said contest 100% of my earning will be converted to STEEM so that my vote will make a bigger influence for those who really need it. This is an awesome and worth while contest and I applaud you for your contribution. Good luck to everyone.

The Last Sage

In case I win: 1CveT93woMiUDQjLqndRrYDSgbRdbS5DJE

Yup, Didn't make the vanity address for nothing haha

That's very kind of you sir.

Well sometimes bad habits do pay off, sometimes.

Just in case I win

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