Ledger Nano S Giveaway! Ends in 72 Hours (Upvote to enter)

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Ledger Nano S Giveaway

Hello everyone! As a part of introducing myself, I'd like to giveaway something I think is very important to have when dealing with small or large amounts of crypt currencies
To give to the community, I'd like to start by offering a simple give away of a ledger nano S.

Image Of Ledger

You can read more about what it is Here

How to enter :

Simply upvote the post. I will be paying for this with BTC, and any money this post raises will also contribute 100% to paying for it + shipping.
Winner will be chosen by put in a random drawing with Random.org's API
If you'd like additional 2 entries, please don't hesitate to Resteem and Reply below!

When does it end?

You can check how much time is remaining by clicking here


I wrote this article a few moments ago, people might find it helpful! !

@strat : I realize the little payouts the post made probably made you change the deadline, but your counter page is now counting up, in essence, the giveaway has been over for 3 days already.

Any idea when you'll announce the winner ?

Thanks for your time, Steem On :)

Haha take my $.01 upvote! Welcome to steemit, I hope you like it here

Upvoted, Resteemed and replied ! . Thanks for this giveaway @strat and good luck to everyone <3

Steem on ! :)

16 more hours...can't wait.

God, i wish i would have just taken a few thousand dollars and just bought up as many hardwallets as possible. They've gone up like 4x in value. Sold ouy everywhere.

Steemit contests are an awesome idea, for the simple fact that EVERYONE loves to win stuff... Whether you're blogging about cryptocurrency or photography, were all in this together ;)
Thx @strat... Upvoted/resteemed / following

I have upvoted and resteemed!! Hope I win haha thanks for this amazing opportunity!! Good luck everyone! :D I will hopefully be doing a giveaway on my channel soon so much check mine out. Its on my steem bio. Also giving away litecoin currently even though im nearly crypto broke :P

give it to me, please.

cool. gimme :/

Wow an incredible offer. I've done everything possible follow, comment, upvote, resteem. All extremities are now crossed for me but good luck to all who go for the prize.

Thanks for hosting this contest! That would be really cool to win :)

I was just thinking about ordering one. Winning this would be great :)

upvoted resteemed , thanks for chance

Oooh i want one of these! I promised myself i wouldnt use any more votes because my power is so low but then i saw this lol

This is a great way to allow people to get the Ledger Nano S and become part of the community and be more safe with your crypto's. I love it. :-) hats off to you.

upvoted, resteemed and commenting!! :D
Thanks for the kindness @strat !

And good luck to everyone participating !!

Just as I was about to buy it :)
Upvoted, Resteemed and replied, welcome and good luck !

I have one but I have a friend who needs one and Im sure I can convince him to steem it up after that :D

Amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opprtunity!

Great contest & Good luck everyone!

Upvoted and well done sir !

This is generous of you. Good luck to everyone.

Howdy, and hope a whale picks this up so that it helps pay off the Legder Nano because that's a great giveaway.

Love to win this.

Cool, cool, cool!

Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.
Resteemed, followed, upvoted

Cool. I didn't know such options existed. Thank you for the information.

Cool, new to steem. How do you power up?

Please count me in including upvoted resteem and replied here. Hope lucky will come

great give away

What a way to come in @strat! Welcome and thank you for this opportunity!! Resteemed, upvoted and of course replied 😜

done, done aaaand done... :)

Great idea for a contest. Followed, resteemed, upvoted.

Good luck all!

wow! what an introduction. :D
I wish there were more such introductions, say daily. LOL

Awesome! Welcome to steemit strat!

Most definitely​ really appreciate this, hoping I win! I wanted to get one of these for the past few months but it's so hard being in the US. They are upcharged so much here lol. Great post idea though. Congrats to whoever the winner is.

Upvoted, Resteemed and replied

2 days left. Can't wait ! Thanks

👊 💯 💯 💯 💯 👊 sickness!!

This is awesome! Planned on buying one of these, and now (fingers crossed) I may not need to!

Welcome on Steemit strat! Awesome giveaway anyway! Let's see who is the lucky one. I followed you, because of the stratis post. i think rly similar.

Would love to win one!

Upvoted, resteemed, followed. 😆

Sweet! I hope I win. :)

Very nice giveaway! Upvoted, resteemed and commented :)

HI . Thanks for this great giveaway. Nice .

Great giveaway of a solid product, and extra relevant in these times. Thanks.

I tried to buy one .... no stock for the next month

this is awesome, im down! upvoted and resteemed

Wow, great and useful tool! Good luck everyone!

Thanks for the great competition. New to cryptos and need to make my coins secure.


Good luck to all of you!

Definitely, need to get one of these... Upvote, Resteemed, and commented.

Upvoted, Resteemed and replied! Hoping for the best.

Great way to promote awareness of secured storage! This is very timely as consumer security and protection will help broader adoption.

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thanks for the opportunity on steemit!

I desperately need one of these with all the hacks...just left jaxx wallet...this is my daughters trust fund. Her mom has passed and i'm all she has left. Trying to set her up in life....cause tomorrow isnt promised to me either. Crypto and silver i hope can help her....def need one of these ledgers too- gotta secure it!!

Hello from Vietnam. I'm really hoping to get one of these Ledgers asap. Looking forward to following you and reading your future posts.

upvoted, resteemed and replied

Thank you for the gift! :) I just made the deadline by under 2 hours. :)

Upvoted resteemed and just replied. Nice one. Wish me luck ;)

Following you now‼️

great idea......
thanks a lot.....

I'm in it to win it!!! 🙌🏽 Goodluck to all! Happy Steemin Folks!!

Upvoted and followed, great idea to introduce yourself

Sounds good to me, let's get lucky! Upvoted, and resteemed.

Good luck to you! Winner will be announced at the end of the timer ( 3 Days aprox)

Thank u for this great giveaway @strat :D upvoted and resteemed!

Welcome to steemit! :) Up voted, resteemed, and followed!

Hope you like it here!

Will upvote and resteem. Everyone likes a chance to win! 😀

Real nice of you to give something aways. Too bad none of us will live forever to get it when your time and date calculator doesn't actually go down. If there is a special reason why this is, contact me and i'll give my vote back but this is really trashy if not.

Upvoted, resteemed, Excited 😀

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