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This is my weekly sound selection so you can vibe while you watch Iota rise to the moon. I am also giving away 50000 tokens to the first 20 of my followers that

  1. Upvote and resteem

  2. Post a valid (freshly attached address)


Track selection:

Born to Kill (Road to Arcadia)

Dynatron - Pulse Power

Tokyo Rose - Cursed (Feat. WVLFPAKT & Mecha Maiko)

Alex (Witchcraft)

Morgan Willis (Sophie)


I truly believe in IOTA's technology. I am organizing a small IOTA giveaway of 3 Mega IOTAs. It will help new IOTA users to play around IOTA and to understand its wallet. Check out: https://steemit.com/iota/@devender/giveaway-2-iota-giveway

Please send me some iota

Here is my


Stay tuned for the next giveaway:)


Good decision;) please stay tuned for next weeks giveaway

Hey! Amazing job with the Iota. Falling in love with this! <3 lol GO IOTA!


Stay tuned for next weeks giveaway:)


100% upvote from me, resteem and follow you my friend @steemhoops99 😃 Gotta love IOTA the internet of things will rule all

I appreciate your great support @slywest :) thanks for stoping by and have a nice day. Iota ftw:)

@steemhoops99 Btw love your future 80's tracks. had "Born to Kill" running on repeat yesterday.
here's a fav right back at ya: 😃
Le Matos - Sarah

and thank you so much for iota <3

Awesome track🔥i will link it in the next sound selection vol3;)


Thank you so much i dont have any of this yet and would love to get some! i upvoted 100% .10cents :)

Nice to meet you @blakejames The giveaway is usually on the day of announcement but I will send you some when I get home:) thanks for the support mate

Awesome you as well! ill upvote whatever you posted this week for extending the faucet offer!

Amazing support:) cheers bro

Am i too late..

@steemhoops99 Always dropping killer #iota content on the daily!!!!

thanks @cryptohumor your instagram is hilarious:))) straight fire


up-voted, re-steemed, ,and followed :)

awesome mate:) thanks for the support. Sending Iota after my workout

Sehr schöne Playlist. Im letzten ist doch die Tochter aus der Bill Cosby Show, Denise :D

Und für meine 5 Tage alte Tochter hier ihre Iota Adresse:


Hahahaha epischer Kommentar:) vielen Dank und ja das ist die Denise:))) ps:weil sie 5 Tage alt ist schick ich dir die doppelte Menge:)

Vielen Dank! Das ist mehr als großzügig :)) Wenn sie groß ist, kriegt sie die wallet. Bis dahin dürfen beide wachsen ;) Danke noch mal!!!

Immer gerne:)



Awesome mate:) thanks for the shoutout and keep the energy alive:) sending Iota

Upvoted and resteemed!

awesome brother:) welcome to the community. Sending Iota. Please be patient lots to do

Upvote and resteem -done



Thank you Kungalu:) Sending Iota

Seems to be a great day to jump on board (and a great soundtrack is always important) :) Beam me up, Scotty!


You are early in Iota. Best time is always early;)

Iota!!!! To the future, now!!!


Awesome Cassio and thank you. Sending Iota :)

cool music, cool crypto


Java your the man:) Sending Iota

Thanks for the post my man. Just made a wallet and ready to go!


Thats what i like to hear:) awesome mate

Sent:) almost approved

I won't be able to check if I received it until I get off work :( But rest assured I appreciate the post and the effort to spread the word on great projects!!!

you are much appreciated here also:) thanks for stoping by:)

Is that a fresh address you posted? Its been used before. I get input error now. Please send me a newly generated address.

Oh really? I could of sworn I made a new one. I guess I clicked attach to tangle instead? Sorry about that. I won't be able to send a new one until I get home in 8 hours. Is that ok?

thanks perfectly fine:) just send it later. Cheers bro

it was just approved:)

Awesome! Thank you. I'll check when I get home. Also, do you recommend any particular reading material regarding IOTA? I'm poking around on the website, but didn't know if you have any other good sources to educate. Thanks again!

yes mate you can read my articles here. Most of them explain Iota from different angles:) also you might want to join the official slack channel. The community is already 13.000+ strong:)

cheers! reading a lot about Iota for the last three weeks, amazing concept and technology!


Thats fantastic @fontolan:) your on the right track. Keep sucking in that knowledge:) Sending Iota

Hi steemhoops! thank you for great giveaway! put my address here!

Always good to have you here:) sending Iota

Followed, upvoted and resteemed! I appreciate you doing this!


Indeed, the balance is showing 50,000 just as you promised! :) Thank you very much for your generosity, Iotaforall!

Thank you @steemvalve glad to meet you. Stop by at any time:) sending Iota

super...upvote and follow....

sehr großzügig.....gut dir zu folgen.....vielen dank nochmal

thank you very much....upvote

immer gerne:)


I don't understand the freshly generated part.

Thank you!

when you attach to the tangle you also generate a fresh address:) thats what i need:)

interesting! just follow you now.. I know it's too late for me. hopefully i get next giveaway :)

Nice tracks, very 80s, especially Denise!!

@steemhoops99 Im just following your profile! So nice!
I heard about iota and Im very impressed with this new technology. Really believe in the potential of IOTA.


@guigalage sending Iota in the morning first thing going ZzzzZZz now. Great support m8 thanks for stoping by:)

Hahaha!! Nice sleep my friend @steemhoops99. Keep following you!! GO IOTA!!

Received @steemhoops99 !! You rock!! Have a nice saturday and GO IOTA!!!

Hey, so much giveaways from you. I admire that! Thanks a lot! I'm glad to be part of this Community.


Thanks mate for the upvote and follow:) much appreciated. Glad to have you in the house. Sending Iota in the morning zZZzz:)

You rock, Steemhoops777! Happy Friday💯

thanks Nina:) Happy Friday to you too:) sending Iota now

Thanks so much! Upvoted

shout out from Sao Paulo, Brazil! spreading the concept of IOTA, Tangle and etc with my friends and coworkers. great team behind it!

just found about the Faucet though, haha. don't know if I'm too late, but there you go:

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upvoted and resteemed ;)
nice playlist :)




iota forever thank you



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