Free 1000 Steem Giveaway►Here is the Roadmap!

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200 Followers = Each Follower gets 0,2 steem, every new Follower gets 0,1 steem
500 Followers = Each Follower gets 0,3 steem, every new Follower gets 0,1 steem
1000Followers= Each Follower gets 0,5 steem, every new Follower gets 0,1 steem

This a 1000 Steem Giveaway (690 for existing followers,310 Steem for new followers).
I will screenshot the followerlist once a milestone is reached , to know who will get a „follower“ or a „new follower“ reward.

To qualify:

All information is subject to change.

I adjusted the Giveaway ratio a little bit compared to the 100 follower giveaway-structure, so that new followers can get a reward as well.

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Enjoy and have a good day!


Thanks! :) @steemboys

Youre welcome ;)

thanks again for the generosity steemboys!

Welcome mate!

@scottyb i just follow you, please do follow back to help one another.

Thanks this is pretty usefull.

Youre welcome , party starts at 200followers :-)

Upvoted and resteemed as I'm already following you so I couldn't do that lol Thanks for the steem. It's great to be able to give something to encourage others and each other.

Its just the roadmap, giveaway will start when 200 followers are reached ;)

I thought I'd just help it along a little with a resteem. :)

Thats always a good idea ;)

@molometer i just follow you, please do follow back to help one another.

Very cool ! generosity is the key to kindness

It is, i watched your yt blog , good stuff!;)

This is awesome.
I just di

Too early, starts with 200 Follower, but here you get an upvote ;)

i just upvote and follow you

awesome , dont forget to tune in at 200 followers, then you will get your reward!

Go go!


►Upvote jea
►Follow long long time ago
►Resteem yes

Too early mate, thats just the roadmap. 40 more to go until 200 is reached ;-)

Grat post and thanks for that

Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks steemboys you are awesome!

Thank you for joining, hope you like the content!

Nice one , resteem follow upvote doneeee

You will have to wait until the 200follower milestone. But hey here is an upvote ;)

upvote plzzz

there you go

Must be pretty bad off when you have to bribe people to follow you...

No, Its a form of advertising. I am looking for higher attention, because i believe my content is worth it.
Nothing shameful in it , since im paying for that plus in attention and create a win-win situation.
If my content is bulls... its not gonna pay out.

I know what form of advertising it is. I'm a certified Inbound Marketer, so I guess I'm just adverse to buying attention instead of earning it. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you never have to suffer the downfalls of trying to take shortcuts.

I dont see it in a one-sided way and it is not. There is the tag or keyword "giveaway". People are actively searching for that keyword end up here and get exactly what they are searching for , a giveaway without a twist. Is this your personal view or your view as a marketer? Isnt buying attention exactly what advertising in genereal does?I believe it is, because noones asking for it. And this case here is different.

Buying attention is the OLD way to advertise. You'll get a much higher quality follower by creating great content. Build it, and they will come. Quality > Quantity

Youtube, Facebook etc quality>quantity. On steemit that golden rule doesnt work that simple. Since blogposts are basically alive for just seven days, quantity becomes a very important factor and you have to adjust to it. What has advertising to do with the quality of the content.These are two different things. Anyway, there are different perspectives and what i do in this blog here is in integrity with my personal beliefs what is fair and right. Good luck with your blog

And you with yours...

i will do it @steemboys

Thanks ! dudes lets make a great party all :)))