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The first 100 commentators will receive 0.1 Steem, even if you are a new follower!
100 = 0,1Steem.png

Qualification to participate in the giveaway:

End of Story!

The Blogpost is active 7days or until 200 followers will be reached. Then every follower will receive 0,2 Steem with the same Procedure.

And here is the longterm Giveaway-roadmap i currently plan to reward you with ►


These conditions are not set in stone, but i will keep you updated of any changes, that might appear.


Thanks for contributions to Steemit. Welcome! I'll give u a nice little boost to get started.

Wohoo didnt expect that 💪. Thank you for the support, follow you!

I'm not in the first 100, but you got the 3 from me.

you are in the first 100 ;) since i answered everyone its more than 100 comments.

Sounds good, thanks Steemboys !

Youre welcome, sent!

yaaa giveaway

There you go ;)!Enjoy

I'm interested to watch how this works out for you.
I think I did everything you asked,
and replied.

Hi roger and welcome to this blog, steem is sent!

thanks man got my .1 you rock

You are welcome mate!

Good Idea! Looking forward to watching this community grow!

Hi there 0.1 steem was sent to your account! Enjoy

Yay! Thanks @steemboys! I love this place!


► Steem is on the way!

Count me in!

Thanks for joining. And sent!

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Thanks a lot!

Count me in!

Thanks for participating, steem sent!

Thanks for having you on board!

This is a great idea. I followed you before I even read this post because I am interested in the whole homesteading thing.
I was going to do it myself a while ago but got sidetracked. Looking forward to your future posts.

Its a journey, steady eddy wins the race. Gl with your blog, steem sent!

Thanks for the steem. I'm just starting and want to reward all the great content I'm finding. I'm a blogging maniac when I get going. I just haven't been this fired up in years.

That's so cool... I followed, voted and resteemed. I am also looking forward to learning from your steemit tutorials

and sent ! Thank you , there will be a new video online anytime soon :)

Followed, upvoted and resteemed :)

Thanks, 0.1 steem has been credited!

Hi ! good idea !! Thank you !
followed upvoted and resteemed !

Thank you for following ! 0.1 Steem sent!

Hi Jeff, please resteem and follow to qualify!

Just taking this opportunity to say "THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME"

Thanks for helping everyone. Nice Job on 100 followers.

Thanks rishi556, steem sent!


Good luck :)

and good luck to you! steem is sent!

hi steemboys, thank you and much appreciated

Hi pam, youre absolutely welcome! Steem has been sent!

followed and look forward to your posts

wish you the bests , I will be glad if you check my posts too , thanks.

same to you, i checked it out and like your creativity. If you want to participate in the giveaway, please resteem!

Thank you, steem is on the way!

I have heard of this kind of thank you on another channel ...Greg Mannerino @marketwatch , where he says someting on the lines of whatever profit you make give10 %back in some form of charity , and you will be rewarded grandly institute , and thank you

Youre welcome 0,1 steem sent!

Interesting contest.
Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

Thank you for joining in, 0.100 steem sent!

done, done and done! :)

thx 😉 you're awesome! I was following you already before, so it was basically only "done and done!" 😂 cheers

Haha thanks so much, thats definitely a compliment!

Yoooooo I'm curious about this

And you received 0,1 Steem, congratulations!

Thank you, 0,1 steem sent

Am pretty new to steem and like the idea of a give aways. Thanks a lot!

Here you go (sent)

@steemboys Thanks and good luck!
Resteemed and upvoted. I was already following you.

Hi there, good to see some early follower, 0,1 steem sent!

Holy cow this is nice of you !!

Thank you for commenting!

Well done steemboys!Keep it up!

Cheers, thanks for the follow! Sent!

Yes... Love. our steem community... WTG

Hi there, please upvote and resteem to qualify

Done and done... I'm following you now as welll.

Up-voted re-steemed and following! 😁

Thanks a lot, 0.1 Steem sent!

thanks your awesome...upvoted , following, restreem

Alright, ty . Steem was credited to your account!

Cheers, resteem and follow to qualify please

Okay, 0.1 steem has been credited to your account!

Thanks, please resteem and follow to qualify!

Awesome! Upvoted, Resteemed, and Followed.

Youre welcome, and sent!

By the way...Congratulations and thank you! 😉😁

Thanks a lot, steem was sent 😉

Upvoted, Followed, Resteemed!

►Upvoting - done
►Following - done
►Resteeming -done


Thanks for participating!


There you go, and a good start on steemit!

Follewed and upvoted! 👌🏻

Hi there, please resteem to qualify!

Alright, thanks. 0,1 Steem has been sent. Enjoy!


Hi there, steem is on the way!

Hi, please follow, upvote & resteem to qualify

Love this contest! So Fun! Upvoting, commenting and resteeming!

Hey Ann thank you for participating. 0,1 steem has been sent!

everybody upvote this person

Thank you ben and welcome on steemit. Please follow and resteem to qualify !

It will be even better at 200 followers. Please resteem to qualify!

I am IN!
And Thanks for the opportunity.
A Good Day To You!

thank you, and a good day to you.

Thanks, pls upvote and resteem to qualify!

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Upvoted, Followed, and resteemed!!!
Bring on the steem power!!!

The Last Sage

Cant see a follow or resteem yet, sorry!

Sorry about that!
I definitely do now!

No problem at all! 0,1 steem credited!