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Welcome fellow Steemians! This is the fourteenth entry in my "25 Days of Christmas" giveaway series, in which I will be giving away a Steem Monsters starter pack each day till Christmas! All are welcome to participate. We had nine entries yesterday.

Welcome to Steem Monsters!

Steem Monsters is a decentralized trading card game, built on the Steem blockchain. Each card is encoded into the blockchain and serves as a digital asset, which is incredibly secure and cannot be copied. Players use their cards in battles and tournaments and can transfer their cards and gift them or sell them to others.

The Steem blockchain powers the fantastic social media platform Steemit, which you see before you. A free Steemit registration is included in each of the starter packs I am giving away.

How To Enter

To enter this giveaway, simply answer the question at the end of this post in one of the following ways:

  • Comment below this post with your answer
  • Message Jon Warren#0001 on Discord with your answer

I am including the second option so that any readers who may not yet have an account will be able to enter the contest as well. I will randomly select one of the responses to receive the starter pack. Please use this as an opportunity to invite your friends to the Steemit platform and Steem Monsters.

Today's Scenario

As you examine the cave, you notice that it may have been inhabited by someone not too long ago. You have seen many Jackie Chan films, so you take two short sticks and quickly break off all of the small branches aside from the strongest one towards the top/bottom of each stick. Using fire to weaken the outer coat and the caves most angular rock to shave wood off on both the top and bottom, you create a pointed tip on both ends.

Gripping each, you press the wood tightly against your fore-arms to create b oth an offensive and defensive weapon which allows you both to strike and defend yourself.

You keep the fire going, but place a burning brand at both of the inner passages, allowing you to more easily see if something is coming.

You then sit on the side of the fire opposite to the inner passage and wait. After thirty minutes of waiting, nothing happens. You decide to take a short nap.

You awake to sunlight streaming into the mouth of the cave. You can see mist out in the forest. You slept clear through to the next morning! You could go out and explore the forest, explore the cave's inner passages, forage to build a home in this cave, or move on to a new location entirely.

What do you do?

Thank you for participating! Simply comment below or message me on Discord with the answer and I will put your name into the pool of entries that will be randomly drawn in 24 hours.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my content, please upvote and leave a comment, and if you'd like to see more, please follow and resteem! I appreciate all the kind words, advice, and interesting responses. This has been really fun and I've enjoyed chatting with you guys!


I would explore the forest, find something to eat (mushrooms and fruits?), and try to find a safer uninhabited cave for the following night (or of course a way towards civilization)

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I look for the materials in the forest and I build a strong strong, I create weapons for the defense of the entity that lives in the cave, I think warm materials for the body like clothes, coats with leaves and branches to keep me warm, protected and I would create armor as a precaution that what inhabits that cave is a beast. :) :)

I think it's best to get out of the cave and go explore the forest, maybe I can find some food on the way and some other good place to shelter.

Well, I would leave, if the one that was before me is no longer because their stay there was not fruitful, that is, at a moment decided to leave, take advantage of the experience to not waste time and do something more efficient

I would choose to go out and explore the forest in order to find the best way to follow the path I was originally traveling. After all, I'm not sure about that cave, as I don't know if it really exist some animal that has already claimed it, perhaps a bear that may be on its way. I would look for some kind of food during the task, perhaps some wild fruit that could give me energy. And it would definitely continue, because it's not safe to be in the cave and just as I managed to survive that night, I can do it the next one.

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After spending some time, I will think about the possibility of looking for a new place to spend the night, but it would be very risky to do so at the moment. So they decide to leave the cave in search of something to eat, because they can not stand hunger anymore. As well as more branches and thrones to be able to realize the fog of the night.

You'll soon be able to put together a mini book with our crazy hahaha ... xD

I would explore the cave if it is still raining, but if it stopped raining, I would be very careful and if there is fire in the campfire, I will take a branch, turn it on and take it in case I find some dangerous animal.

Before making any hasty decision, I get up and see the surroundings of the cave to see if there is no danger then inside the cave I explore the secret passages to see how safe this place is, if by chance it has another entrada and exit. Realizing that the cave is safe to live in for a while I'm going to look for food supplies in the forest some fruits serve and some animal easy to marry

Well, I'm going out of the cave and on my way.
It has no purpose to stay and explore or live in a cave.
I must continue towards my original destiny.

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